936 Warrior Tank looking for Guild

Looking for Players – PvE
I took a year off just came back to wow 27/10/2017

A. Personal Name *
Ricky Guillot
B. Age and Gender *
45, Male
C. Relationship status
Married (Wife plays wow Holy Priest https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-gb/character/tarren-mill/%c3%a1vana
D. Where are you from? *


A. Server *
Tarren Mill
B. Character Name *
C. Race and Class *
Tauren, Warrior
D. Number of days played (/played) *
741+ (on this character)

E. Anything else you would like to mention about your character to make it shine? *
This character is as old as Warcraft itself. I made it the day Warcraft came out, and since then I've always been tanking in top end guilds. This character has always been my main, though I have had alts of every class over the years and have enjoyed raiding with them too on off raid days.

F. Link your characters armory page *

G. Do you actively play your off-specs and do you have any experience playing them? *
Yes, I play and have played all specs of the Warrior class. I have at times taken on a DPS role in certain boss fights over the years to help the guild and to refine my skill. I am equally as skilled in the alternative specs, however, I prefer tanking in Raids as this is the most enjoyable role for me.

H. Alts? *
Bówme, Marksman Hunter, iLevel 697
And a babby Warrior called Ridérr 714
I have 13 lvl 100s

I. Any raiding experience? *
ilvl 959
Artifact level = 78
Artifact knowledge = 55
7/7 The Emerald Nightmare Mythic
1/3 Trial of Valor Mythic
10/10 The Nighthold Normal
10/10 The Nighthold Heroic
3/10 The Nighthold Mythic
6/9 Tomb of Sargeras Heroic
11/11 Antorus, the Burning Throne Normal
11/11 Antorus, the Burning Throne Heroic
0/11 Antorus, the Burning Throne Mythic

Over the years I have used my alt as a break from tanking. Before dual specs etc, it wasn’t viable for me due to respec costs/rolling on loot to use my main as DPS and as a tank. I have a number of alts that I have used in Normal, Heroic and raiding situations. I make it my aim to learn as much as I can about all classes as it is important to know what is available to me in a tanking role in terms of safety from other class spells, buffs and damage control.


A. Warcraft Logs
This is outdated as i took a year off just came back to wow 27/10/2017

B. Previous Guild(s) *

In Vanilla I was in Karma which was one of the top raiding guilds at the time, then I was in a guild called Faithe in Burning Crusade, in Wrath of the Lich King I was the GM of Psychotic, in Cataclysm I was the main tank in Toast, in Mists I was one of the main tanks in Overrated, Imperium, First Light.

C. Reason for leaving previous Guild(s) *
Karma disbanded and went horde, Faith moved Guilds, Psychotic disbanded, Toast disbanded, Overrated - I took time off due to death of a family member. Imperium long story, Hey Bro changed name and changed the guild, Was not working out., First Light disbanded

D. Previous PVE-experience (Vanilla-TBC-WotLK-Cataclysm-MoP) *
They were all end game guilds, we were raiding all end game content. I don’t play this game to mess about, with this and any other game you purchase you play to win/complete the game. I don’t see this as any different. Yes, you play a game to have fun – but no one plays a game (especially one you pay monthly for) to stay on level 1 and be okay with that. In any of the guilds I have been in or tanked for,it was always my focus to be the best possible and complete the content available to me.

E. Describe your role in raids, as well as a possible extraordinary role on some encounters *
My role is Main tank and I'm very experienced in raid leading. I have at times taken on an off tank/DPS role. I do feel more comfortable as the main tank in raids as I feel I have the leadership qualities needed to judge pulls, hold agro and also - due to the skill I have built up over the years as a tank – perform my role to a high standard where I earn the respect and confidence of my fellow guild mates.

F. Explain your talent/gearing/gem/stat/glyph priority choices for us *
I choose the talents that give me the most survivability and agro.
Gearing, I try to use my best In-Slot items and (items with my best stats), and set bonuses (where beneficial).
Gems, depending on the expansion, I use the gems that are best suited for my survivability.
Stats, again, depending on the expansion I use the best stats for a tank.

G. What kind of attendance can you sustain in our raids?
I can make 100% attendance (any day – any time) as I always know my schedule well in advance.
H. Screenshot of your in-game UI and list your keybinds.

My Ui is always changing, but a lot of its stayed the same over the years
https://imgur.com/a/hFKT5 New Ui
http://imgur.com/m4DvVSd Raid Ui
http://imgur.com/tQIDb7G Raid Ui
https://imgur.com/a/5O7KV Weapon lvl
http://i.imgur.com/J24i2IL.jpg Food/pots/flasks
http://i.imgur.com/lJDcDMq.jpg 5 man Ui
http://i.imgur.com/12niSQd.jpg?1 Old Ui
http://i.imgur.com/2D3NT8Z.jpg?1 Old Ui
http://i.imgur.com/gX1SEF7.jpg Pc Desk

I. What addons do you have set up to enhance your performance? Do you use WeakAuras (or likewise addons)?
Big Brother, Angry Assignments, WeakAuras, Tidy Plates, MTLove2, DBM, and a few others to just help me see the Cooldowns better.
J. We take PTR seriously, do you have any issue being raid ready on PTR for raiding content? *
I'm ready to raid - Anytime, Anywhere.


A. Computer specifications *
Time of this report: 11/11/2017, 15:12:15
Operating System: Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit (6.1, Build 7601) Service Pack 1
System Manufacturer: Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd.
System Model: Z97X-Gaming 3
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4790 CPU @ 3.60GHz (8 CPUs), ~3.6GHz
Memory: 16384MB RAM
Card name: ASUS GeForce® GTX 1070 Ti Turbo 8GB
Monitors 50" , 32" , 20. 30" is my main.

B G15 Keyboard and Razer Naga Hex V2 Gaming Mouse
C. Internet-connection?
Geting Fiber 10/1/2018
D. Do you have issues with D/C due to internet or computer problems? *
I have a high performing and stable machine which is routinely checked and updated as required.
I have no issues with my computer or my connection. I sometimes run two or three WoW accounts at the same time on the same computer.
E. Do you have a microphone and are you able to communicate on Teamspeak 3.0 / Discord / Vent?


A. Why do you want to join This Guild? *
I am looking for a serious raiding guild. This is the only expansion I have not raided to the extent and the standard which I have in previous years. Due to the passing of a family member I had to take some time out. However, it has always been my intention to come back as strong as I have done before. I need to raid, I need to kill bosses and I would like to do this with a guild that I feel would be a friendly, dedicated and focused place to be part of. Raiding is what this game is about for me and without that I would feel I wasn’t getting as much out of the experience as I should.

B. Why should we pick you? *
I am a funny (sometimes), loyal and friendly player with over 700 days played on one character alone. I am sure that I must have some skills that your guild can put to use. I am a team player who will always be willing to help the guild or individual members when needed.

C. What are you goals besides character development in World of Warcraft*
My goals in a game are always to have a fun experience, however, when it comes to raiding I am 100% focused on the task at hand. I like to meet new people from all over the world and Warcraft gives me an opportunity to socialise with like-minded people.

D. Is there anything you would like to add?
Kicking a gnome always brings me good luck! I try to kick one before every raid!

A. Please leave your Battlenet/skype here: so we can contact you. *
Battlenet: Riderr#21719
Skype: riderr6
Discord Riderr#0507

B. Now end your application by telling us a joke *
If it's just the tip, it doesn't count! (I can explain this to you when you /ginvite me ;)
Hey Ricky , You put down you can raid anytime and on anyday, why not try a late night raiding guild? :)

We are a friendly, dedicated and focused guild, looking for loyal tank :)

<Just Awful> Late Night Raiding Guild - EU Silvermoon

Just Awful is a late night raiding guild with a friendly mature atmosphere and a competitive attitude, and we are currently looking for a few new members to bolster our ranks as we continue to progress through Mythic Tomb of Sargeras and build for Antorus!

Raid schedule.

Thursday - 2300 to 0200 (Server Time GMT+1) HC clear/alt run
Sunday - 2300 to 0200 (Server Time GMT +1)
Monday - 2300 to 0200 (Server Time GMT +1)

We are currently progressing well on Mythic ToS (4/9)with Heroic ToS on regular farm.

We are looking for the following to continue our Mythic progression.

About the guild.

Just Awful was formed to give a place for new and returning players whose lives might not allow for the traditional schedules of most guilds a chance to experience high level endgame content at an accessible time. Many of us are experienced and dedicated raid leaders with a history of competitive play across many genres, and love helping people experience raiding without the elitist attitude.

While we focus heavily on successful raid progression, it's not all we do. We have a thriving and diverse social scene, and a busy /g channel filled with helpful and friendly guild members who run Mythic+ pushes, Timewalking and weekly quest completion etc. Even if you are looking to just be sociable while you get on with your day to day play, Just Awful could be the place for you!

What we want from you.

Respect your fellow guildmates - Don't be a jerk!

Be on time and be prepared. Invites go out fifteen minutes before raid time, with everyone gemmed and enchanted with flasks and food ready.

Listen, learn and understand. We value hard work and a willingness to improve your play. We will always offer constructive advice firmly but fairly.


In game:
Azurein-Silvermoon, Taycess-Silvermoon, Greph-Silvermoon, Enduwyn-Silvermoon, Balthazae-silvermoon, Klàra-silvermoon

Discord: Azurein#9986 Taycess#9305 tempus02#4076 Greph#4086
Heyo Ricky,

Don't know if you're interested in a 1 day a week guild? But if so then i will leave this here for you :p

Spec Ox Aszune/Shadowsong is reasonably new and we are looking for more folks to join up and conquer HC Antorus with us.
There comes a day for us all where we will run out of time to play our game or simply don't have enough time to do the things we like, hence the 1 day a week approach. Ofcourse does not mean we won't make it 2.
We will raid from 18:30-22:00 (CET) for you in scotland that'll be 1 hour earlier.

Now we will not take a "hardcore" approach but we ofc. do have a set of standards coming out of a guild who had none it felt pretty damn well needed.
I can go into detail but.. if you're not up for joining then ofc that would be useless :)

We are a small community growing ever so slightly into a solid thing.
Our guild discord has it's up and down days but most of the folks on there are always up for talking and for regular bants, critique and other shananigans.

If you are up for it then join up on our guild recruitment discord here: https://discord.gg/ca4Cbg7

If you need a little bit more info: https://eu.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/17617024087#post-1
Our battle tags are in there aswell.

Hope to hear from you, otherwise i wish you the best of luck in finding the guild you are looking for!
Hey! I've added you on battle net - we are desperately looking for a good tank going into Antorus next week - hope to chat soon


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