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Argent Dawn
Thank you for the support and feedback awesome trolls.
Indeed it is meant for ALL of us.

Tubri as others have said before this is a thread made for everyone who wish to join a troll guild, contact trolls, give some advertisement to their troll guild or events.
It is not a thread to post personal opinions about me or any other troll players as it is created to be an actively updated information thread.

I have to admit I am slightly confused as I do not think we ever meet ic or ooc however If you have personal grudges towards me that you like to clear up you are more then welcome to whisper me. If you wish to be more public you can even make your own thread and I will answer in the best way I can. I ask you not to post more of this in here please and lets keep the thread for what it was created to be.

Have an awesome day
I feel like this thread needs a shameless bump to allow Troll RPers to find guilds fitting for their character as I've seen many new Troll RPers around this week than previously!
Troll RP is de way
My troll is still looking for a home, so I will keep an eye out for the guilds mentioned.
23/01/2018 12:57Posted by Aeliyn
My troll is still looking for a home, so I will keep an eye out for the guilds mentioned.

Hope you find a fitting home for him/her!
Hi Aeliyn, perhaps if you describe what you wish from a guild and a bit about your character others can hint you in a direction that fits your wishes.

I have updated the information and added

Zul Guede and The Zulian Legacy.

The description of their guild concepts will be added when they are posted here.

Cheers for more troll guilds.
Thank you Zulzekka for the updates and for adding us to the list so swiftly.

Guild Name
The Zulian Legacy
Short Description
The Zulian Legacy is an Order of trolls within the Horde, who follow a philosophy centered around protecting their culture, faith and history in ways that allow their kind to forge a future in the world of today and endure as a people. Tribal values are held close to heart and trolls of all skills, professions and backgrounds are required for the wheel to turn. We hunt. We pray. We remember who we are - trolls! - though we might stand with our Horde brothers and sisters.
RP style
We are easygoing with a taste for adventure and story & character driven RP events, as well as community focused activities. The tribal way of life plays an important role in RP, given the nature of trolls, no matter if we trot the globe furthering the purpose of the Legacy or have returned to our homes to rest our weary feet.
We recruit trolls of or allied to the Horde as indicated in the current lore and time setting. Darkspear, Shatterspear and Revantusk make up our memberbase (Zandalari loyal to Rastakhan will be considered based upon the circumstances they join in BFA, but strictly not before) and unfortunately, we're not able to recruit outside of these specific tribes.
Guild Leader & Contacts:
Zulzi & Nazka, though any member can be contacted to get in touch with recruiters.
Recruitment Thread:
Argent Archives:
Additional webpage:
Under Construction, but will be available soon!
Base of Operation:
Echo Isles and Valley of Spirits, though we travel frequently.
A friendly bump as I see more trolls being interested and trying to join the troll RP community.

And a little bit about us.

Guild name: Zul Guede
Faction: Neutral
Concept: Followers of the Zul Guede is a community of trolls who follow old ways of voodoo and praise their Ancestors. They try to stay aside from conflicts between mortals and focus on supporting troll culture and their history. Followers of the Zul Guede place Loa above everything else and Loa of the Dead takes the first place in their pantheon of Loa.
Guild master: Zulluji
Guild forum thread:
AA page:

Also I believe there's a new Horde troll guild Fury of the Loa.
Given the last couple of forum posts seeking troll guilds, I feel this one needs a minor bump!
Remember bringing the Dimday Tribe to Argent Dawn for a while, loved those crazy rabid bastards!

Hoowah dyh Tryb'!
A new thread is up and running courtesy of Sianta, so future posts should be made here:

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