[EU]WTS Grey Riding Camel/Achi/Title!



So many hours lost across the deserts of Uldum. So much effort just to find a tiny figurine hidden in sands. And all for nothing... Until now. If you can't do this on your own anymore, we will scour the eternal sands for you!
Ride on top of your camel through the wastes of Azeroth. Claim your prize and join the proud Camel-Hoarders! We offer you a service of finding the right Mysterious Camel Figurine.

How does it work?
You give us your Battle-tag (in comment or link below). We invite you to our friend list in-game and whisper you whenever we find the right figurine while you are online.

In order to get the credit for the kill and receive the mount you must have a HORDE character that is able to get to The Stream Pools in Feralas. And of course... you need to be online :)
The best way to get there: Orgrimmar > Uldum portal > The Stream Pools (Feralas)
To be able to learn the mount you need to be level 40!

Waiting time.
It usually takes us 1-2 days to find the camel for you. As I wrote, whenever the right figurine is spawned we whisper you to get ready to claim it!

Legality / scamming
When it comes to legality i can assure you it's 100% safe. Selling in-game services for gold is totally legal as it not breaks the game's Terms of Service (approved by GMs)!

Realms / factions
We support all realms and factions when it comes to the payment. If you play Alliance on a daily basis you still can get the camel from us, yet you need to have a Horde character to get the credit for kill!

If you refer-a-friend to us, you will get a 10% discount.
Example: when you pay 250k, with refer you pay 225k instead :)

Thanks! Cheers! :)
If you are interested, complete!
I recommend this contractor very quickly and smoothly everything is fine !
Everything was as described, no scam. Fast and excellent service. I highly recommend this seller as well.
I recommend this guy for sure, was exactly as promised. would buy from him again.

Thanks again for the service.
Went smooth, as advertised. Learned the mount on a Horde char, payed later on a different server, using an Alliance character. Worth the time saved by not having to check the spawn on a daily basis anymore.
Extremely pleased by their service! Couldn't have asked for anything better!
Had to pay after getting the mount aswell, so I can assure you it's not a scam!

Would definitely recommend.
Highly recommend these guys, got my mount, title and a smile for a rest of a day. Satisfaction guaranteed :)
I gotta say, this is the best gold i've spent in-game for a long time.

I was a little bit concerned about a possible scamm or something, but it was all in my head.

Got my mount, my title and i can forget days farming Uldum.

Would def recommend!

Really good service! Got the mount before I even paid! <3
Very Reliable, amazing price for a mount and an achievement and fast delivery so I recommend it!
Recommended seller, clean, legit, fast! :)
He did exactly what he said
Amazing service. Would recomend 10/10
Fast and precise service. In my case got the mount and the FoS 30 min after first talking to him so way faster then the normal time thanks to lucky figurine spwns. Recommended
Fast and easy service for a reasonable price would totally recommend!
Good price, fast and precise, would totally recommend
Worked very well, payed after I got the mount. Excellent! :D
Good guy, did as expected. Was a bit afraid of giving him money before I got the mount, so we agreed on giving him half of it beforehand and the rest after I get the mount. Kept his word and I kept mine. Would recommend.

Lovely person <3
Great service, fast and easy :)

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