I love MM, but.........

I'm seriously thinking of re-rolling.

I've always liked alts, but with the crucible out, I can't really justify playing other classes right now, not until I get a few more unlocks.

At the start of the expansion, I went for Hunter for the first time as I had 2 different ranged classes to play and 1 melee. So if I ever got bored, I could play around with the others.

My issue comes with the fact that I can't stand BM and I'd prefer any other melee class over survival, to the point where I log in to raid then, immediately after switch to an alt for a change as I've played MM so much. It's got to the point where I'm on my Hunter the least.

I'm considering change to a class with 2 roles, pref a tank, although I prefer ranged DPS. That only leaves Druid. I wasn't a massive fan of Boomkin and I got my bear weapon last night, so that's too early to tell.

Anyone else gone through this? What did you do?

With Survival, I'm sure I saw somewhere it was staying melee, with the fact that it's the least played class by a long long mile, I kinda hope they change it massively next expansion. I know it wont happen but I would like a Hunter tank, I think there are so many possibilities with that.
I wanted to reroll before nighthold, as im not really a fan of the static MM playstyle and never liked BM either (always mained surv in past expansions), but the expansion was way too reroll/alt-unfriendly back then.

Now we are too far in the expansion for me to bother with it and after a few months in Antorus ill likely take a break anyways.

I still have my lvl 100 bost though, so unless something signicant changes for Hunters in the next expansion, then ill definitely use that boost in the 8.0 prepatch and switch to a more interesting class for the next expansion.
I actually rerolled a lot this Expansion.
Started Druid, but took a break and when i came back i couldnt perform on feral as i wanted to.
Went mage. Loved it, but eventually the playstyle just didnt click with me. (casttimes)
Switch shaman for a more involved rotation but due to wrist pains i couldnt keep doing that.

Now im a marksman hunter and i love it. For me its a perfect mix between caster and melee (sidewinder build) and has the perfect mix of consistency and rng (locknload)

I can advise you to make a list of what exactly it is that you enjoy. Ranged dps has a lot of different aspects.

You want to be mobile
Do you enjoy cast times?
Do you enjoy doing damage through Dots or pets
Do you like reactionairy play or predictive play?
Outside of raiding what do you want to do in the game? How does a certain spec perform there?

Good luck!

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