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Polar is a guild formed at the start of Tomb of Sargaras. We have killed the final Mythic boss Argus a while ago and are currently the highest ranked guild on the realm.

NEW: We are now boosting MYTHIC Antorus.

We have been boosting since before Tomb of Sargaras but we want to bring our boosting services to a wider audience than just trade chat. Eventually this thread should contain comments by the people we boosted to validate the legitimacy of our services.

Below I will keep an updated list with the currently available PvE services. If something is not listed do not hesitate to add me or ask if we can provide that service for you.

Services we provide:
Mythic Antorus Master Loot :
Titanslayer/Cutting Edge (Argus Mythic kill): 5 mil
Shackled Ur'zul mount: 10 mil
Full mythic antorus + mount: 13 mil
Full mythic antorus - no mount: 8 mil
10/11 mythic antorus: 6 mil
9/11 mythic antorus: 4mil
Disclaimer: all of the above offers are without loot, the same offers are available in which we also will give you all the loot you want with Masterloot. The price for the loot is a flat 2mil - regardless of the above offer. We reserve the right to keep high titanforges for ourselves (but obviously that change is pretty low. [/b]

Other raid boosts :
Antorus heroic personal loot clear: 500k
Antorus heroic master loot clear: 1600k
The Chosen: Price undetermined, depends on player skill level and gear. Please contact for the price
Hellfire Infernal (Gul'dan mythic mount): 1 mil
Nightghold mythic specific items/bosses: 250k
ToS mythic 6/9: 600k
ToS mythic specific boss/item first 6: 200k
ToS mythic later bosses: Price undetermined. Contact me for an offer.

M+ boosts
Mythic +15: 150k - Regular buyers will be given discounts
Mythic +15 Armor group: 225k
Mythic +20: 800k
Mythic + score (up to ~2800 wowprogress): Price can be determined later.

If there are any individual bosses you want or any PvE-related service not listed above, do not hesitate to contact and I hope we can work something out.

We ONLY accept gold on Silvermoon Alliance.

All mythic antorus boosts will be held on Wednesday 20.00 ST. Other boosts we can schedule onThursday or Sunday - depending on your availability. M+ boosts can be scheduled any day.

  • Prior to booking a run we will ask for a 10 % deposit fee to ensure you show up. The remainder will be paid prior to the start of the boost.
  • For the Masterloot runs we take one person of each armor type: Conquerer - Vanquisher - Protector. For mythic antorus boosts we only take one person so this does not apply for that. Depending on interest we will try to make sure there is only one user of each armor type. All tier will be given to you with no exceptions.
    For all other loot we reserve the right to keep any item that is an upgrade for our main raiding roster. However, chances of this happening are slim so don't let that hold you back!
  • For further information feel free to add Shine#21939 (Scarshine).
    I was looking for a guild that was selling Fiendish Hellfire Core - NH mythic mount . Had hard to find at first but then a member from Polar contacted me and said they were interested on selling The run to me and we Agreed about 2.2m gold and it was a great and smooth boost! The price was good for me and ithink for polar too so im very thankful to the guild Polar that they agreed with the price and wanted to boost me through Gul'dan mythic. They are trustable and nice people that want to do such boosts for players as me that dont have the time to hardcore raid myself and farm it.. So the whole run was over in no time and i had my mount :) So wanna thank Polar for this sweet and kind boost and also recommend this boost to other people . So Dont hesitate if you want the Hellfire infernal mount yourself! :D
    These guys have flawless execution in what they do , quick and on point.
    Got my Gul'dan mount in the first attempt with no obvious effort.
    Might be the best people to run stuff on SM-EU.

    Enjoy and don't forget - pixelized mounts are prettier than pixelized gold coins!
    Thank you for the run! highly recommend these guys
    Let me know when you start boosting Antorus ;)
    Uiuiui, what a fast and successful +10 run this was!!! never completed Upper Karazhan that fast, not even on heroic :) big thumb up for this boosting service
    With the coming of Antorus we will now be stopping ToS related boosts and start Antorus boosts. First week will only be normal. Heroic will be coming soon so keep an eye out here or poke me ingame!
    Good and efficient boosts from these guys
    Having joined a Heroic Argus run from this guild the very week it came out, I can definitely say it's worth it!

    Very smooth kill! and I can only imagine they will get better!
    Thank you again for this smooth +15 Mythic run!
    Ran 4 very smooth and quick mythic +15 runs with them. Efficient, funny, and chill. Great combination. Price was fair too, definitely going to use their services again.

    Did join a Mythic +15 and on time and a smooth run, . Sure I sign up for a Hc Run as well.
    Can confirm, my friend "Skilvlasian" from my guild got boosted in HC by these guys, solid work!

    As per his words:

    "My unfathomably low experience and lack of time doesn't allow me to be capable of completing a raid on my own, as such I need to call in the big guns. And you gussed it. The Polar boys are not to be messed with. They'll get you in, destroy whatever boss comes their way and be done with it all in no time. I'm no match. Professional and respected. Would recommend."
    We know Skilvlasian, he's one of our regular buyers. Always a pleasure to have him around.
    bought a Antorus last boss boost from them.
    Went very smooth and professional.
    Had a lot of luck with getting 2 pieces of loot as well.
    Very good group and i will definitely be coming back.
    Good luck on Mythic guys!
    Really smooth run, only took 2 hours for a full clear.

    Highly recommended.
    Bought Argus heroic, damn my dudes. Quality at its finest
    Very pleased with run, was fast, guys are great.

    Had fun with them and highly recommended.

    Bought Mythic Guldan Mount from this guild. The run was clean and very fast. A very good quality boost and I am really satisfied :)
    Are you still selling Guldan mount?
    Sorry for keeping this thread inactive for a while, we were not boosting. We have resumed boosting and updated the services above. Thank you for choosing Polar

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