Lf people to form a mythic+ team.

Hi, im looking for 4 dedicated players that wanna form a mythic + team and run keys daily.
what i want
* u need to be able to play a few hours each day
* U need to stay up to date ish whit gear and item level if u wanna stay whit the team.

what i can offer, im a dedicated tank that got the time and want to improve as a player. playing whit the same people and trying to progress will help me whit that and aquire gear more easily. i got all tanks ready to go but my dk,druid,and war are at 925-930 ish ilvl. i still got a lot to learn but im really enjoying the mythic + and wanna get as good as i can before the next expansion. ( vet player )

i dont mind brining people in at all item level and help gear them up. aslong as they got the time and wanna commit. if u wanna talk to me ingame u can find me at, Fidde#2192
hopefully i will see you ingame cheers !.

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