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Argent Dawn
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“Akashok, Great Wolf and Father of the Pack, witness me now! From this day until the day I embrace my death, I swear that I will honor my people through blood and toil. I will live by the Code of Honor decreed by my Pack. I will obey my Wolfking and trust in his authority. I will not rest until the pelts of my enemies lie at your feet. My fangs and loyalty belong to my Pack and its brothers and sisters. May dishonor fall upon me on the day that I break these words. From this forward, I submit myself to the Pack's path, and I give my blood willingly to bind this oath."

From the Ashes, Arise a Clan

Orcs of the Red Blade can trace its origins to the apocryphal chronicles of Clan Redblade, a small but fierce clan striving for survival in Draenor’s distant past. Mythical figures like Githya Redblade, Kraag the Wolfking and Skagluk the Giantkiller are all but forgotten now, but the modern day Red Blades have their origin in Matriarch Akesha, who continued the legacy of the extinct Clan Redblade in the form of a unified entity.

This diversity of clans and cultures is amongst the clan's greatest strengths. Encompassing orcs from all backgrounds and of all skill-sets, the Red Blades are a complex tribal society and a microcosm of the orcish race. Nomadic and largely self-sufficient in hunting, gathering and crafting, the clan is unafraid to move with the seasons and rarely stay in one place for long. From securing the Horde’s homelands to battling far-flung threats, their pursuit is honor rather than gold, and their goal is to secure a better future for the orcish race.

Despite the vast range of differing origins and archetypes, the Red Blades are notoriously united in their unique brand of tribal warfare. The wolf is the emblem of the clan, and its members follow their Alpha with unerring dedication. The wolf-masks worn by many of its members and the ubiquitous riding-wolves favored by the clan are the outward manifestation of their coordination on the battlefield.

Who are we?
So what will Orcs of the Red Blade as a guild will have to offer? Well, as a guild, we seek to offer players an orc-exclusive clan experience that...
    - Is lore correct, yet offers enough freedom to its members and within its own concept to allow both its members and the guild to creatively interpret their own story and culture;
    - Strives to be as authentic as possible to the orc fantasy of Warcraft III;
    - Is loyal to the Horde and knows its place in it;
    - Is more than just a warband. As such, there's not only a focus on the orcs' martial prowess, but just as much on shamanism, orc society and the concept of honor as a central theme of their lives;
    - A friendly OOC environment which we strive to keep drama-free (no, really!), even as we remain true to the hardy orcish culture IC.

We have been active on Defias Brotherhood since 2005, and have moved to the lovely locale of Argent Dawn since 2015, where we have thus far very much enjoyed our stay. With such a long record of service, we have made both many friends and many foes, but we've always done so in good heart and with a smile on our face that would make a /clapping orc jealous!

Tribal RP has always been at the core of our concept, and be it through nomadic RP in meticulously planned-out, story-driven campaigns or simply social RP back in and around Orgrimmar, our goal has always been to emulate an experience that comes as close as possible to the original concept of the 'honorable savage' for orcs, as inspired by Warcraft III. As such, we strive to keep our orcish RP and culture as authentic and consistent as possible, while at the same time offering a place for as many different orcish archetypes as possible - within reason, of course. Moreover, be you a beginner or a veteran to roleplaying in general, we will always gladly take you in and help you on your way!

For any further questions, feel free to take a look on our website which has a plethora of information to offer as well as a FAQ, or contact me on Battle.net on Lemonpie39#2659.

So, are you looking for a brand new experience to dip your orc in? Wait no longer, for we're always on the lookout for both veteran RPers as well as complete newcomers to RP or orcs! We heartily invite you to share the road to glory with us!

Website: http://www.orcsoftheredblade.com
Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D1J4As-dQ0k (now remastered!)
Previous thread: https://eu.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/16070857340
Argent Archives: https://www.argentarchives.org/node/158217
Missed out on our previous reboot campaign and want to know what happened?

Have no fear! Even if you didn't attend the ongoing reboot campaign, you won't have necessarily missed a thing! You can find a complete summary of everything that happened on each single event in the Campaign: Return of the Red Blade thread. You can also find all of the newly gained lore and knowledge in all of the corresponding topics, some of which are listed above. Others, such as the usual rank topics and the like, can be found at the top of the front page in the Red Blade Compendium or on the right hand side of our website in the Quick Links block. And of course, you needn't worry about having to learn all of this from scratch! The best way to learn all of this is by doing, so if you're a new member or wish to join, it's not mandatory to read up on every little piece of lore scattered on this website. Everything will be taught and experienced IC as time passes by!

Each of the topics can be found on the following links:

Campaign: Return of the Red Blade:

How to Apply:

Frequently Asked Questions:
[This is my reserved post. There are many like it, but this one is mine.]
This is epic, did the expansion announcement have an effect on the guild's revival? If so, it just keeps on giving. I was sad to see such a long-lived guild go on a break when I've been on the receiving end of your Lok'tars for so long. I'm very happy to see you return, welcome back! Might just have to participate on my orc - for the Blood of the Tribe!

Edited for typos and clarity.
Throm'ka, mighty orcs of the red blade.

I would love to see a proper orc guild thriving once more with lots of activity and quality, which I am certain you will provide once more if things are starting well.

I wish you best of luck with this and hope that it works out, I would be more than interested to even arrange and plan some guild interaction even, it wouldn't be our first jointventure campaign either. Perhaps in future!

Lok'tar Ogar!

Great to see you guys up and about again! I'm confident the guild will thrive, you guys did some great stuff back on DB. :)

If y'all ever head out to kill some demons, I'm an officer in The Fel Hunt. Don't hesitate to reach out! We're on Argus now but if we're ever on the same continent, it'd be neat to get together.

Gimme a poke on Aislïnn sometime! She's my main.
Come one, come all! We got gifts for all!

Except undead. They're icky.
Ey. I'm not icky!
10/11/2017 15:03Posted by Kozgugore
Due to the nature of the campaign, however, it's required that anyone who wishes to participate in the campaign signs up in advance.

*Charges over with all the writing implements*

I even cleared a character space to remake a little Orcess. Glad to see you back. Shall crack on and try and level between Uni stuff.
It's great to see you making a return!
Oh Lord, you lot again.
Time to beat you into a hiatus again.

Naw, good luck you silly orcs :3
Did somebody say free stuff?
Wishing you the best of luck!!!

I know the officers of the Red Blade has been in a lot of meetings and done some hardcore planning of this stuff. Anyone who participates will have the luxury of attending a very well thought through campaign! If you're an orc RPer on the lookout for a tribe, these guys ought to be everything you ever wished for!

Would join myself if only I had the time on my hands to put in an effort worthy of this guild.
*pokes nose in*
*looks at character list in contemplation*
Best orcs are returning! Woooh! Perhaps it is time to dust off Sinsin again... ^^
This pleases me!
A mighty return for one of the best guilds around, a welcome addition to Horde RP.
Happy to see all these responses, aaah <3 Much love for all of you.

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