Warlock player LF late-night Horde raiding guild

Looking for Players – PvE

I'm a 921 Warlock comfortable in all specs with Shaman and Priest alts similarly geared. Looking for a late-night guild in EU due to my work schedule looking to farm Heroic and push Mythic content in anticipation of Antorus.

I'm looking for a guild that starts at roughly 11:30pm - midnight server time, raiding for a few hours into the early morning.

My current server is Tarren Mill, but if the perfect guild comes along, I'm willing to switch.

I have a previous experience with raiding, having raided in Cata and MoP with three different guilds, as well as raiding Mythic EN and ToV in Legion with Aggro Magnets.

I'm a 24 year old healthcare professional from the UK.

Cheers for interest.

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