[H] <Ironwood> @ Twisting Nether 5/11M LFM

Twisting Nether

Im currently eorking but very interested in joining you guys to raid can i speak to you in game this evening? Im a 925 ret pala

Bump. Looking for a hunter and a boomkin druid.
Bump. Recruitment updated in top post.
I would like to join your guild :D can we have a chat? I still have a lvl boost available, so i can fill up a spot you need.

Requirement updated once more, last people before the roster is set :-)
Bump, 8/11 HC.
Only looking for a hunter, socials are always welcome.
Bump, 11/11 HC.

Do you guys need a shadow priest?
Starting our mythic adventure on monday.
Hello everyone.

Mythic is starting on monday, currently looking for a BM/MM hunter to bolster our ranks.

As per usual, we welcome socials with open arms.
Shameless bump.
1/11M and some solid tries on hounds.
We have our door open wide to socialplayers, returning players or people new to the game in general.

We run lower keys, normal raids (will do HC soon) and some PvP together.

Look no further if you find yourself alone in the tame and need more social interraction. Who knows, you might be raiding with us soon? :-)

My name is Ayiana and I'm a old Mythic raider that returned after a year hiatus killing my last boss back in HFC --> https://www.warcraftlogs.com/rankings/character/11254096/8/#metric=hps

I know I am late to the party of the creation of your guild, but if you still would love to have a Holy Priest within your party/guild I'd love to take that step and prove myself as I haven't properly played this game for that year, so taking it slow but back gradually into Mythic would be a big plus for me, this also including mythic dungeons.

Wouldn't mind joining as social for the time being either if possible to join alt runs to get me started with raiding again. :)

Poke me if interested

Hello Featherly,

I added you on Battlenet so we can have a little chat :-)

Sincerely, Thalassarche.
Bump. 2/11M and some solid tries on High Command. Last HC clear with mainteam on wednesday, then over to mythic both days.

Socialteam last normal clear on sunday, then moving over to HC.
Bump. Still open spots in the sundayteam.
Want to join your guild. 945 ilevel
Hello Darkpursuer,

Please add me on whyreddie#21634 for a chat :-)

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