Guardian Druid looking for mythic progression guild

Looking for Players – PvE

Little bit about myself:
Im currently 22 years old, i live in Norway. My real name is, Ole. I work as a carpenter and after work i enjoy pushing myself to be as good i can get at World of Warcraft and do put alot of time into it so making raid times wont be a problem. I take criticism very well, if i see anthing i can get better at i will follow that.

What i am looking for:
I’m looking for a progression guild that does Mythic raids and on the side has an active guild that likes pushing mythic pluss dungeons. The reason why my current guild dont work out for me is simply because i enjoy doing the hardest content possible, while my guild only does heroic content ( 9/9 H ) I feel heroic is abit too easy to have fun with it. I do not have Mythic experience, however i am in general a really fast learner so normaly tell me once and i will remember, also as i said over i do take criticism very well, so if there would be anything i could improve on i will. If you would give me a chance i will prove i am more than able.

What is important for me in a guild:
The most important for me is that there is no toxic stuff going around in the guild, i want a guild were everyone does the best they can in every single way, while no one lacks behind. I want to be able to have a great time while doing the hardest content possible, obv sometimes things might get abit ''heated'' you could say thats totaly fine, happens to everyone but in general a nice friendly guild to be in.

The main role i play is Tank and my main character is a Guardian Druid, thats the character i put 90% of my time into to make it as strong possible and the character i want to raid with, however i do have every single tank spec ( Some of them more geared than others ) so if there would be a fight where a diffrent tank would be better i do not mind to change for those fights but in general be able to play my Druid.

I do not mind changing server, thats something i do expect i need to anyway and it would be nice playing with you guys before i do make up my mind and change server. I could maybe even change to alliance if it came down to that, but thats something i would need to think about, atleast chaning server is no problem for me, if you are the guild im looking for i will change on the day!

If you have any questions or anything please feel free to add me for a chat.
Battletag: Redoake#2579 Looking forward to hear from you.

Hey Redoake

Im an officer in The Scarlet Circle who are currently looking for a new tank for our mythic progression. We are currently 3/9M and looking good for further progress. we are however an alliance guild and as you said that might be a dealbreaker but i sent you a battletag request i you are interested anyway and want to know more about us and our raiding. Hopefully i'll hear from you soon and if not good luck with your searching.
Good Morning Redoake,

I am the raid leader for Panopticon-Ragnaros.

We are currently 9/9HC and looking to push into Mythic come Antorus.
Our core has been growing heavily in ToS and it now sits comfy close to the mark we need for mythic. the team is mainly composed of ex-hardcore / Cutting edge players who dont have the time to raid the 5 days a week anymore due to growing up and responsibilities.

We are very social and most evenings someone is running some keys, i am in the process in attempting to setup some mythic + teams within the guild to push some high keys.

We are in need of 1 new MS tank as our current one has just left due to personal issues. and a few dps for our mythic roster.

Raid days:
Wed - 9 - 11:30
Sunday - 9 - 11:30
Saturday - Alt run

I think we would be a good fit for you to enable you to branch into mythic at a good fun pace.

As for toxic within the guild. I am normally pretty hot on this sort of stuff and when things develop its resolved quickly or stomped out. that being said this is a minute amount of occurrences. I have passed your Btag over to the GM so he can contact you.

Regardless of where you go i wish you all the best.


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