Feedback: Mythic Kin'garoth

7.3 PTR Feedback
Please use this thread for feedback and bug reports regarding this encounter, or related issues. Noting the nature of your group (Mythic guild premade, PUG, etc.) is helpful, as are any logs. Thank you to everyone who has come out to help test!
fix camera
Fix camera

Boss still randomly spawns a second set of orbs in P1 every so often. That's basically just an instant wipe - nobody is going to keep going into the intermission if they have to soak 3x extra orbs while dpsing the adds, when they can just wipe as it's so early. Just !@#$ing make it consistently be just 1 spawn please. %^-*, start the boss at 76 or even 80 energy if the issue is timings further into the fight.

Fire and Shadow seems to be working fine. Had the debuff not appear from soaking orbs once when we empowered the shadow add, so there's a bug for you to figure out. Can also tell you that shadow is going to be cheesed 100%. You can immune the hits, which means you'll most likely just go for as many immunities as possible to get a "free" phase, to not get any debuffs. Same goes for the split-and-AOE thing, you can immune it, and stacking all 3 in melee with barrier+link negates the mechanic entirely (I imagine you wanted us to split into 3x groups and soak them due to the debuff. We just don't take enough damage for that).

Fel - annoying as !@#$. Orbs spawns before the ruiner, you have no clue which way the ruiner is going, so you gotta basically place immunities around the ruiner and pray for the best. Again, class stacking immunities.
A reasonable change would be the ruiner dropping fel soaks in it's wake - so you gotta follow the beam instead of try to stand in front of it.

Unrelated note: Are these item levels we're testing with even reasonable? 955 item level average, sure, I can see that. But a 995 weapon? That's the equivelant to all of us having two 965 relics and one 960 relic. I don't find that reasonable, considering mythic drops 960. Please consider that when finalizing tuning that we are in old sets with higher power than current, things like arcanocrystals etc are scaled up, and our weapons are unreasonable high.
fix camera
Fix camera, ruiner animation still wonky, please consider a comparable live enviroment with scaling
Boss was ok but no otter :(
i hope the camera is not part of tuning cause it's just not fun
Well designed boss, Empowered Reverberating seems underwhelming in comparison. I'd also extend the empowered debuff from diabolic bombs, it was made extremely easy with the current duration.

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