Moonkin Hatchling

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I remember buying this pet many years ago. And when we had this amazing micro holiday yesterday, I wanted to pull the little guy out.

But... He's GONE.

What happened to him? Where did he go? Did one of the devs kidnap him? If so... I wan't him back! ):

Yes, I haven't used him since the new collection system came around, but he should be saved in collection like my other pets, no? But he's not there!

There used to be a brown one for horde, and the purple one for Alliance.

Or was it all just a dream? Because he's no longer in the store either.

Hello Zikina,

I can see the Pet sitting happily in your Collection. When opening your Collections Tab, please make sure you have no Filters set.

Kind regards

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Thank you so much Kiemmaki!

I spent most of the day searching yesterday, and had forgotten I had renamed him. He's back with his original name now, so he never gets lost again.

Thank you <3
Hello again,

You are most Welcome. I am glad to hear you found the little rascal.

Kind regards

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