[H] <Solenya> Recruiting mythic raiders!

Looking for Players – PvE
General info
International guild
Created 2017-09-06
Horde Draenor

Us and You
<Solenya> is a new fresh semi-hardcore guild aiming for clearing high content in a relaxed and competitive environment. We are looking for you that can carry your own weight without being a douche. We bring the player, not the class.

We are currently progressing in Antorus! Loot is distributed in an efficient and reasonable manner through lootcouncil and a dedicated officer.

Raids are on Wednesday and Sunday at 20:00-23:00, but we really enjoy hanging out in our glorious discord outside of that while doing m+ or other fancy stuff. We've also added an optional raid on Tuesdays at 20:00-23:00. Currently 11/11HC and about to enter mythic!

Link to WP: https://www.wowprogress.com/guild/eu/draenor/Solenya/

All exceptional players are considered, regardless of the recruitment profile shown on WP.

Guild master Dorkadin

Officer Dkm

Officer Noroichi

Officer Vattihatti
Updated with link to our wowprogress page.

We've also successfully recruited some new people and therefore the classes we are looking for has also been updated on WP. Feel free to apply even though your class might not be on the list though, we are usually capable of making exceptions.
Updated WP page with new recruitment information. Still looking for new members to join our mythic roster!
Updated WP guild description about us trying to merge with another guild to allow us to start mythic raiding, and some changes to what classes we are looking for.
Updated WP page with what classes we need right now after new recruits been joining us.
Updated guild description both here and on WP. We were to merge with another guild but it didn't go all the way unfortunately.
WP page updated with what classes we are looking for.
WP page updated again with what classes we need. We are currently getting full on melee dps and therefore looking for ranged dps or healers right now.
Updated our WP page with what classes we recruit right now. We are getting really close to start mythic raiding and are attempting to start with it this Sunday if we can fill the last few slots.

Currently looking for:
Balance Druid
Ranged Hunter
Two Mages
Shadow priest
Any other exceptional ranged dps


Holy Pala
Healing Priest
Resto shammy
Previously recruited a group of five players and are now starting the mythic raiding! We are still looking to fill some gaps in our roster though, and so I've updated our WP page. Here's copy of what we are looking for right now.

EDIT: Updated the original post as well.

Deathknight (dd) - We are currently quite a lot of melee but have no DK, an exceptional one would be welcome.

Shaman (restoration) - We already have one, but we are also in need of more healers and therefore consider taking in another one.

Warlock - One of ours have issues to attend one of our raid nights and therefore we might replace him at the end of the month.

Mage - Only have one and another one would not hurt.

Monk (healer) - Our current one has issues to attend one of our raid nights and therefore might need replacing.

Paladin (holy) - I am currently off-speccing to cover this, beat me and you get the slot.

Druid (balance) - In need of ranged dps and do not have a single one.

Priest (healer) - In need of healers and do not have a single one.

Priest (dd) - In need of ranged dps and do not have a single one.
Updated WP page with what we recruit.
We started mythic raiding yesterday and killed first three bosses on our first mythic raiding day!

Updated WP and the original post with new progress.
WP has been updated, we only look for ranged dps at the moment. All exceptional players that want to truly fight for a spot in our raid team is always welcome to try.
Updated general information.
Updated WP page with what classes we are looking for.
Updated main post and WP page with up to date information both on our situation and recruitment.
Updated main post with new officer and also did some changes to the needed classes on our WP page.
Updated main post with current progress: 11/11HC and about to enter mythic!
We've recently decided to extend our DPS roster substantially, here is an updated list what we are currently looking for:

deathknight (dd) low
demon hunter (dd) low
druid (balance) high
hunter low
mage medium
paladin (holy) low
priest (dd) high
shaman (restoration) low
warrior (dd) low

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