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Looking for Players – PvE
VII is Currently Recruiting!
We're looking for experienced and skilled players.

About VII
We're an Alliance Guild on Emerald Dream now in our 13th year, founded in June 2005. VII offers a stable raiding home for the long-term, not just the current tier/expansion. We set out to balance steady raid progression with a social and active community. Players are online, day and night, avoiding that feeling of a 'ghost town' outside of raid time. Active voice comms, scheduled events almost every night, mature members who aren't about elitism but rather working as a team to progress through the current content.

We're a large and active community with a raid schedule which runs like clockwork. Our raids happen when they say they will and we maintain a healthy speed of progress whilst our raid environment is upbeat, relaxed and ultimately fun.

Raid Days and Times
Wednesday - 21:00-00:00 st
Sunday - 21:00-00:00 st
Monday - 21:00-00:00 st

About You
We're looking for experienced raiders who are appropriately geared for the content we're currently clearing, in order that you are able to hit the ground running. Determined players who accept that wiping is part of progression and who can remain focused throughout our raid, ensuring each pull is as valuable as the last. The community-minded part of you, is someone who is looking to be part of an emotionally mature, social and fun-loving team.

To find out more about VII and for a chat, please add me Alfonsen#21325
You can also find out more via our forum

Look forward to hearing from you.

Alfonsen (Alfonsen#21325)
Had an awesome time and good experiences with this guild. Leaders take your questions seriously, and there's quite a good amount of fun talk here as well!
Did a normal pug with some dudes from this guild once. Clean kills. Good tacts and skills were observed. Didn't really talk to them, so can't comment on that.
Every serious applications are still being considered - remember to add my battle tag for further discussions :)
have not been with the guild long, but they make you feel very welcome from the start and a really fun bunch of people to raid with.
All I can say is I like this place. Been here before, recently rejoined. Nice people, good fun, and keen on progress.
Been with the guild for a few weeks now - Glad to have joined - been made feel welcome and accepted from the moment i have joined. great raiding enviroment and raids are well led by Alfonsen and yowshi
Been in the guild for three months now I think and I'm glad that I joined. Feel very welcome in here, nice and friendly people, atmosphere is fantastic and the raids are pure joy to be part of!
We're on the search for a healer (ideally a priest would be perfect), ranged DPS (any class), and possibly an exceptional melee DPS.

Currently 5/9M with some solid progress on Mistress!

To find out more and apply visit or add me (Tricky2757) or Alfonsen for a chat (Alfonsen#21325).

Look forward to hearing from you!
Come join us when we enter the new content being released with "Battle For Azeroth" expansion. It will hopefully be a truly unforgetable journey for all of us. With that said we are still going for a good proper clear and progression through Antorus The Burning Throne which too seems to be a revolutionary raiding environment and experience.
Hope to see you all rally behind the VII banner and continue the fight FOR THE ALLIANCE!
I have been In VII for a long time now Since Heart of Fear during mists. Even tho I can't be around as much as I want to be I have made many great friends through the guild too many to mention any names .. if I was going to list a few things what would describe VII it would be Fun,Community , Friendship and Togetherness ... all players offer advice answer questions and raids are ran by 2 of the most patient and committed people I have met online so don't be afraid apply to VII and join a guild what is more then just a guild
Awesome guild, they make you feel welcome and there is a good community feeling. The raids are relaxed whilst also being progressive and fun, and usually always something going on during the non raid nights. Yowshi has done an amazing job at keeping the guild together through think and thin and Alfonsen is a very good raid leader.
In times where toxicity has prevailed upon the wow community, being part of a group where you are treated with respect sounds like a dream. The guild VII has made this dream a reality.

From the very first moment that I have joined, I was made to feel very welcomed. You don't get shoutted at and pointed out if you do a mistake, problems are dealt in discret and your suggestions on improvements are heard and taken into consideration.

The officers organise in game events and activities for you to spend your evening should you decide to attent. Food, flasks, repairs and runes are all provided for free on every single raiding night. You don't feel forced at any point, you don't get criticised if you are underperforming; in fact there are people in the guild that are willing to help you improve if you ask!

The whole atmosphere is very friendly, there is always someone on discord if you are looking for a chat and a very organised forum that is being actively used.

VII is a guild heading to the right direction, making wow great again! Don't miss your chance to be part of the team, go ahead and apply!
Hi guys I'm a returning player from mid legion. I would like to go alliance in preparation for new expansion and this guild pops out to me!

I was wondering if it is ok to join as a social community member while I level a new character to 110? And maybe join any alt runs or m+ or community stuff in general?

Thanks! I'm macfearless#2572
Hey Fazbow

I did add your battletag, hope you have seen my friend request so we could discuss this further :)

Cheers Alfonsen :)
We are actively recruiting tanks - any serious applications will be considered :)
Still actively recruiting - Any serious applications will be considered :)

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