[H] Tank LF Semi-Hardcore Guild for Antorus

Looking for Players – PvE
Hey all!

Im currently Looking for a semi-harcore progression guild to push with in Antorus!
Im looking for a guild who will raid atleast 3 days p/w and will be split raiding from Opening week in preperation for Mythic !

Atm my progress is only 3/9m TOS due to the casual nature that ive had towards legion but im looking to make a comeback to a fast progressive raiding atmosphere.

Currently i have a 930+ 65+traits DK/DH and a 925 65+trait Warr, with an alliance Bear Druid who i plan on bringing over to horde for Antorus and i also plan on having a paladin near enough to ready for split raiding.

Add my btag for anymore information you might have regards past XP etc!

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