922 BM lf guild with raid starts around 2100

Looking for Players – PvE
Hi all....due to family commitments i am unable to raid with my current guild. And as i watch them clear boss after boss its making me want to raid....however i need a raid team or guild that starts raiding after 8pm uk time...9pm would be awesome.

I have two toons...one is a bm hunter ilevel 922 and the other is a fury warrior ilevel 923. Ive cleared normal tos and done a few heroic bosses but all as Pugs.

Not really bothered about which realm but do currently play alliance......anyways if this is something....and there are people or guild who do play later evening....please drop me a reply or btag me on yarddog10#2114
Posted on bank alt as currently guilded and dont want to offend current guild.
Hey Buddy,

I'm in a late-night raiding guild, we are looking for a hunter, I have added you on Bnet, or chat to me on Discord - Taycess#9305

Ill put a link below to our guild post on silvermoon, :)

FTP draenor horde currently recruiting 9/9hc filling last spots so we can start mythic get as much done n build strong team ready for new raid
raid days :
Wed,Thur, Sun 21:00 - 23:30st
hope to hear from you
Doomy#21989 Suzu#2933
You can always drop in when you can attend

| Final Evolution is always looking to expand our roster for dedicated players. Our raiding times are 20.15-23.30 on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday and we're currently raiding 3/9 mythic now and fighting for the 4/9. | hit me upp for more info.

Some c/p about the guild.

★ Final Evolution ★
We are a semi-hardcore raiding guild located on the Darksorrow realm, which focuses on its 20-man mythic raid team. We have been around on Darksorrow for many years and has as a result achieved a nearly stainless reputation on the realm throughout the years. We pride ourselves, not only on our raiding capabilities, but most of all on our ability to raid competitively in a 3-day raid schedule whilst having a blast with one another, not only during raid time, but also outside of raids in the form of either; challenge modes, alt raids, reputation farming etc. or even just by having a chat in our guild chat / teamspeak.


hit me upp if you want some more info
Did you find a guild?

Dark Wolves is an 18+ social/casual raiding guild. Our raids are Wednesday and Friday, 8.30 to 11pm UK time. Wednesday is usually our progression raid - currently 8/9 Heroic ToS.

Friday we're currently running ToS Heroic fresh.

Obviously we're a different realm/faction from yourself so that's the down side. You'd need to be willing to switch or re-roll to join us.

We understand that people have busy personal lives and you can't always raid or play when you want - hence the "casual raiding" side of things. We put raids up on the calendar and if you want to attend, are able to attend and fulfil any gear requirements, then you just sign up. We have no requirement to raid a specific number of raids per week/month.

Our members include those who never raid, raid occasionally, raid fortnightly, to raid virtually every time.

Members also regularly run Mythic/Mythic+ dungeons.

If this sounds of interest, please check out our website at www.darkwolves.eu - have a look at our guild/raid rules and, if it still seems somewhere you'd like to be, fill in an application.

Good luck finding a suitable guild (if you've not already got one!)

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