Anybody playing one char only?

I feel like I've put a ton of effort in to this one character, I love playing him. I like to earn all my achievements on him.

I have plenty alts, but I don't play them. I only have 1 max level.
I have alts but i dont play them anymore. All my time and effort goes to my hunter only. Legion is way to much grind for maintaining alts.
29/09/2017 21:26Posted by Donalex
Me until few weeks ago when I found out that there is a mistica cool awesome get the idea... the druid class, so since then I was like this class has everything you need, dps range/Melee, tank or healer.

So I am hardly trying to move to this new awesome class and say good bye to my warrior for now.

what are your first spec gonna be as im in the same boat also wanting to make a druid
I have 10 max level characters but I only focus on my priest.
Have been doing the same thing since vanilla.

For me those massive altoholics out there have no life, and you should always just stick with one Character.
I have 5 or 6 110's than I switch between. Usually only one or two gets decent geared with each patch, but its refreshing.
I play only the one. Couldn't even tell you how many 110s I have anymore since I instant log in with this and that's it.

I guess I just don't like playing a severely undergeared toon or gearing them up... Maybe next expac.
Used to play rogue since vanilla and only her but then I changed my main to DH. So now I play only DH. Tried to make alts in different times but never actually got one even to 110 lvl.
Used to play a mistweaver also but i burned out trying to do everything on both toons. Deleted the mistweaver and am much happier now just focusing on this one.
I make alts because I like many of the available races and classes design and lore-wise. Every new character is a complete concept. I never could settle with only one faction or culture. It became easier with dwarf shaman and troll druid combos, as well as the inclusion of pandaren, because they unite many of the elements I like but still I need at least three characters.

Another thing for players like myself who return with a new account is that leveling alts simultaneously can be a way to boost professions and become self-sufficient faster at end game.

A third reason for me is to increase my chances of getting back into raiding. Once upon a time I played a belf warlock and nothing else and only reason I made it onto some of the good raid teams was because I was totally specialized but it was always a struggle before I had proven I could carry my weight. Had no IRL-friends or connections in game and was a self-made guild jumper which always felt like balancing on a knife's edge. Healers for example didn't require half that level of dedication. I figured this time around it's good to be versatile and play on both factions as well as playing classes like shaman and druid who can do more roles than warlock.

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