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Hello folks!

I've been around WoW on and off since its launch, doing a little bit of everything from random PvP to RP to casual raiding. I'm just getting back to playing after my last break in 7.1.

I'm trying to do things a little different this time, and I hope there are others out there who feel the same way and would like to join me.

Basically I would just like to enjoy myself playing this game. It's easy to get sucked in to the all the guides and optimization choices and forced reading of tactics, etc, and before you know it WoW feels stale and way too systematic, like you're playing an algorithm. Most guilds I've been a part of in the past directly or indirectly enforce this attitude. In fact, most players in general have.

That's fine by me, to each their own and everyone should play the way the want to. As for me... I'm hoping to gather a group of 5 (for dungeons) or even 10 (for light raiding) that enjoy or want to play a little more old-skool.

Specifically, what I would like to experience (again, like in the old days) is just a group of people heading into dungeons and raids without all those fancy addons telling you where to stand, what to press, when to do x, etc. I'd like anyone to choose whichever talent, spec, or legendary they enjoy using, as long as they are performing adequately at their class. I won't even insist you do your perfectly optimized class rotation, as long as your DPS isn't like... 7. Obviously I'm not aiming for mythic raiding, etc. This means people will need a mature and very patient mindset, and more than that, an inquisitive attitude that enjoys wiping and figuring things out on their own.

Obviously in today's climate going in 100% blind is a little difficult. We even have the dungeon journal nowadays. I'm not trying to enforce a 100% ban on any information regarding fights, but I would love to have a group where we do what we did years ago... play a game intuitively, instead of following a set of instructions.

Outside of that, I am also a major fan of running old content for loot, mounts, achievements, and just fun. And lastly, I very much enjoy tiny guilds. 5 - 15 members is ideal for me.

If there are any people interested in such a thing, or if there already exist such guilds out there somewhere, get in touch with me!

BattleNet: Koloss#2151
Heyy! LOVE your post! I didn't think there were players still like you around haha!

I thought I would comment because my guild has players like yourself in it. Theres a good few people who have the mindset of '!@#$ the guides... my set up is better and works for me'.

We're not a 'tiny' guild though.. we roughly have around 300 members, however.. There are probably only 10-15 of us who are regularly on discord chatting to each other outside of our raid times.

We run social raids on a Saturday night and have a right good laugh together. We are also currently setting up a mythic dungeon competition within our guild too for laughs.

There are plenty of people in our guild who also love running old dungeons and raids to farm stuff and there is a lot of old school players too.

Thought you might be interested to join. so add me on battle if you're interested. We're on Draenor-Horde and my battle is Sweetem#2600

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