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Hi all,

My names Mark I'm from the UK and I am 30 years old currently unemployed at the moment searching for a job I play computer games in my spare time and watch movies/tv programmes and socialise with my friends.

I am returning back to the game after 2 week holiday and I am in need of a raiding guild that has a decent amount of progress into mythic.

I am 9/9 HC had progress on 1st boss in mythic before my break and I am 62 traits into my wep.


I have played the game since vanilla, raided since TBC I've raided most raids over the past expansions been in various types of guilds from semi hardcore to casual.

Raid Days /Times: Any day besides saturday and times no earlier then 19:30pm game time but would prefer 20:00pm start time.

I've a total of 20 characters both horde/ally combined and I've played decent amount on them over the years. there all ranging around the 90-110 mark.

I've got all communication programs such as discord, vent, ts3, mumble
and I have a fully functioning microphone and can speak and understand english.

I come prepared to all raids with flasks, pots, food and have a full understanding of the tactics I do my research.

If you have any questions then feel free to contact me below and I'll be happy to anwser them and if you want me to speak to you on discord or what ever program you use then i don't mind doing so.

BTAG: Ironstar#2758
found a guild
Hello! We are looking for a few more DPS to join our forces, and we would love to get another druid on our team!

I see that you've already found yourself a new guild, but i still post here in case you want to try out different guilds on different characters. :)

<Just Winging It> is a mature (20+) and semi-casual horde guild on EU-Draenor, with a current progression of 9/9 H. We have a two-day raid schedule, but also like to do fun stuff outside raid hours, like alt raids and mythic+. If this sounds interesting to you, you can read more about us on our recruitment post: https://redd.it/6l6yub

Hope to hear from you!

-Randi (Recruitment Officer)

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