Feedback: Mythic Coven of Shivarra

7.3 PTR Feedback
Please use this thread for feedback and bug reports regarding this encounter, or related issues. Noting the nature of your group (Mythic guild premade, PUG, etc.) is helpful, as are any logs. Thank you to everyone who has come out to help test!
boss is tuned really well, keep it as it is :^)
Honestly I'd believe that you coded the abilities and just threw it in a black box and forgot about this fight then remembered you had PTR testing coming up so put up Alpha Version 1 up which Jim from accounting made in his spare time as a coder.

(not to demean the 1000's of hours of previous testing ofc)
boss frost shocked a pet when i had a stack. would be nice to have an indication of when she's going to cast it, since you want to actually use cds for it. please? timers for this !@#$ is never accurate.

last heroic test she never recast it when it was up so idk if you want us to swap when its frost or not w/e
Nerf Norgannon biggest damage
You have tested this boss 3 times now, and still there isn't a single ability that actually works.
So you fixed the fact that BM pets cannot hit the Khaz'goroth adds. A+ for this. I'm afraid that because you moved their spawn positions from "Up on the wall" to "on the floor", they started falling through the floor instead though.
That being said, my pets can *still* hit them while under the floor, so that's nice I guess.

Apart from that, yea. Nothing feels threatening *at all* damage wise apart from the Whirling Saber.
The whirling saber is super annoying to see when it's going over the red background of the floor. Consider adding some other visual than "slight red blurryness on a bright red background".

The shadow sister still does no damage so you can have anyone tank her. The mythic-only chaos sister was also easily tanked by a DPS, and with only 9.2B HP and 3x targets for multidotting / 2x targets for cleave, we had them by 50% by the time we had the second titan-empowerment. Seems super low.
storm of darkness seems undertuned
didn't really have to enter safe zone to survive it

can you make the mythic only boss stationary? like belac from demonic inquisition

seemed undertuned in general for 9th boss
I think some abilities on this boss are bugged :)
tfw Draco makes an essay about a boss that isn't working at all (infected by nuckels ofc)

I look forward to the retest :)
Great boss, great testing. Cant wait to fight this on live! keep it up!
Cosmic Glare animation is very poor, no one can see the beam until it has already been fired. Please add green chain to show the beam direction.

Torment of Khaz'goroth - these guys fall down through the floor into Varimathras' room.
that reminds me, its still boring as hell that the shadow and now the fel boss dont do any tank things

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