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Hello to you all.

My name is Mark, I'm 50 years old and from the UK.

I started playing WoW, back in May 2004 and Thunderhorn was my 1st server.
Moving forward, I was assistant GM of a Guild called Driven and enjoyed many successes and the friendly competition between Scholars of Light.
Character name/s were Goldenhawk/Voodooshadow and I played a Combat Rogue.

Regardless of what I/we achieved, what was important to myself, was the great Guild atmosphere and community.
People who joined a Guild back then, joined because they wanted to play with like minded people. They joined to do Guild run 5 mans and raids and regularly used TS, Vent or another form of voip. Even a real life meet up happened, because everyone got on with everyone.

Fast forward to present day...

I have played on Thunderhorn, Bronzebeard, Shadowsong, Chamber of Aspects and a few others, but finally quit the game for good, not long after the release of Warlords of Draenor.

In the latter part of September, I decided to come back and see what was new and it turned out, a lot of stuff was.
I decided to start from new, to re-learn everything so picked Azjol-Nerub as my server, rolled the obligatory rogue and started levelling.
Shock/horror, what have they done to my beloved rogue class...?

No more Combat, but instead Outlaw. I pressed on, but no matter how hard I tried, I simply could not get the dps I wanted out of the class and on the advice of new friends in my Guild on this realm, re-rolled to Sub and started the AP grind once more.
I always believed Subtlety was the preferred PvP build back in the yesteryears and was pleasantly surprised, by how well the build played and although I miss my swords, do enjoy playing the class. So much so, I even rolled another Sub Rogue on the horde side, just so I could teach myself to play Sub from level 1 and not have to struggle with learning the class at lvl 110.
DPS improved by my regular use of IcyVeins and Wowhead, but I still failed to get my DPS up to the required 800k consistent dps. I could reach almost 3 million on opener/burst damage, yet dropped to anything from 500k+ to 650k.
Being highly competitive and my own worst critic, I started to doubt myself as a player, even tho my Guild was very supportive and helpful. Maybe, at 50 and after almost 2 years away from the game, I've simply slowed down haha.

I bumped into a few real life friends recently from my Thunderhorn/Bronzebeard days and decided I'd go back to where it all began, so here I am, levelling another sub rogue and now the reason for my post.

What has happened to Guilds?

I was invited into a Guild, where the GM was great, but that was it. No Guild structure, everyone an initiate and absolutely no chat what so ever, apart from between the GM and myself.
I join a Guild, because I want to make new friends, I want to ask and answer questions in Guild chat, I want to do 5 mans with my Guild and start raiding, with my Guild. I want to logon to Voip and chat with my new friends, as I firmly believe the more you play and chat together, the more you understand each others weaknesses and strengths in a Guild run event, like 5 mans and raids etc...

But I think the most important part for me, is to join a Guild that has other Sub rogues, so I can learn from them and get better at playing this new build rogue once again. I will spend 10,000g+ to squeeze 1 more dps point out of my class, if it means I can do better, but with no other rogue to talk to or compete with, I feel I'm stuck. The theory side from IcyVeins etc, is all good, but it's the practical side that counts for me and as long as criticism is positive, I'm very open to that. As long as it improves my gameplay, criticise away haha.

So, if you are an EU Alliance Guild on Thunderhorn/Wildhammer, can offer a community feel Guild with a great feel about it and use some form of voip, hit me up in game.
Backsurgéon (hold altgr and type e) for the funny e. Only way I could have the name. :P
I'm online daily and more often than not, on until the early hours of the morning, if you want to chat more and I'll be happy to answer any questions.

Thanks for reading and have fun.

Have joined Rebound Alliance. Thank you
Good choice. The guys over at Rebound are a lovely lot and they’ll see you right!
It was because of your website Vaint, and the recommendation to Rebound, that I asked to join Rebound. :)
I saw you didn't really need melee dps and I'd just like to say, what a great setup you have. Took me back to my starter days on TH and having a great website, that was clear, precise in it's aims and needs and I applaud your Guild...

It's nice too see that this still exsists. :)
That nice to hear thank you, That's what Red Suns is about at the end of the day. A sense of community with in the guild from players who have been playing on TH since Vanilla/TBC.
All the best, we had an Alliance recently with Rebound and they are a top guild.
I just came back to WoW and will be picking up my lvl 97 Hunter on Thunderhorn. I'm also looking for a guild and both Rebound and Red Suns sound like a nice bunch of guys, just by judging the conversation on here.

I'd love to check them out but can't find their websites. Could anyone point me in the right direction?

Thanks guys.

Edit: I found Rebound on wowprogress and I added Twimber on Bnet so hopefully will hear back :)

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