[H] [Magtheridon] Looking for friendly guild

Looking for Players – PvE
Me and my boyfriend started playing WoW again about a week ago. We both played at the time when Wrath of the Lich King came out but kinda didn't catch up with the expansions that followed.

Until now..!

We are searching for an english speaking Horde guild on Magtheridon that welcomes veterans that are trying to get back into the game.
Once we reach level 110 (atm we are about to "defeat" our old friend, the Lich King, again :3) we are ready to fight whatever boss may threaten us and our guild mates! You can be sure that you win two loyal members that love almost all kinds of video games (and spend almost their whole free time gaming). We want to meet new people and offer good conversations as well as us participating in guild raids and dungeons or any other upcoming events. At the moment we are playing as a druid (me) and a warrior (him).

So if you are searching for two more members to strengthen your team, please message us.


~ Kamikatze (Germany) and Kaairon (Portugal)

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