I just got back to the game because friend of mine wanted to play together and i was like hey why not! I still have my lvl 100 boost but i really cannot decide which class i want to play so i planned to ask some help from the forums.
I've been playing melee classes forever and now i want to try some kind of caster.

here are the classes i was thinking of :
Ele shaman
and SP

Also how are hunters atm? i know they are not a casters but still ranged dps xD

So my question is what do you guys recommend ?
I'd like to do 2's,3's and Bg's
First off you should make an horde charachter cause Alliance sux, everyone know this. True story!
Wow 2017 is so alt friendly and kind of numb so you shouldnt put all your eggs in one basket, meaning if you only play one char your gonna get tired of it. I recommend try all of the chars above and see what you like the most. Im current leveling my ele shaman and im loving it, boomie i never liked cause im an old vanilla player and boomie is still a joke, warlock i tried all specs and destro is fun, demo was fun until 110 then i wanted to delete the char. SP is awesome but doing world content as wqs etc is a big no no due to lame !@# aoe, but its very fun in dungeons/raids. PVP i guess all classes are viable and good with the right combo and skill.
Hunter is my main, loving it. All specs are fun, bm is easy and strong and if you wanna get thoose high numbers play MM, wanna more challange mode go with survival. Its a great class no doubt

Tldr: pick what ever you like and enjoy the most, at the end of the day its you playing your char and having fun is prio 1.
Jah bless mon
Thanks mate! i guess you are right! being a melee forever as i told so different gameplay would be a great change xD

My mind is becoming more clear and i guess i've made my decision =)

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