5/9M 940 DH LF Mythic ToS Guild/Team.

Looking for Players – PvE
Hey folks,

My current guild has recently disbanded their raiding team and I am now looking for a new team to join. I am currently 5/9 Mythic Tomb of Sargeras with current progress on Mistress <1%.

I have 8 years of raiding experience starting in Ulduar back in Wrath and continuing ever since. My main experience being a Damage Dealer with some tanking experience on the side.

I mained a Death Knight from Wrath to Warlords and rerolled to Demon Hunter since Legion launch. I am looking for a team who would prefer a Melee DPS but I am up for trying out new classes/roles if so desired.

Transfering and Faction switching are no problem; however I am not willing to do so just for a trial run. (Simply to not waste my time nor yours). If you are interested or want to ask any questions reply to this post and I will contact you asap.


Link to DK alt: https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-gb/character/the-maelstrom/dreadtorn

EDIT: I am no longer looking for a new team. Thank you for your interest!
Hey Daeonis!

I don't want to write a whole lot here about our guild, I would much rather have a conversation with you, whereas to tell you more about us.
I can however tell you, that we are currently 5/9M ourselfs as well, and working on that Mistress progression, as to perhaps pique your interest.

If you wish to have a chat, which I hope you will, please do add Beetzle#2219 or Crafty#2958

Best regards
Niyay/Beetzle and Da entire Senjin Advice Bureau.
I am no longer looking for a new team. Thank you for your interest and my apologies.
TL:DR-post below:

[H] WENDL - Tarren Mill EU
2 Raids per week; Wed & Thurs 18.50-23.00 server time.

1 Healer spot open.
2-3 DPS spots open.

For further questions contact:
Battletag: Tomisen#2647
Discord: Tomisen#8708

Our recruitment post:

<Misled> is in need of dps. We are a 3 day a week raiding guild on Ragnaros Horde. We are a guild that enjoys raiding and having a laugh while we progress. We are a close group of people but are always happy for a new face!


We raid 3 times a week:
Wednesday 19.45-22.30 Server Time
Sunday 19.20-22.30 Server Time
Tuesday 19.45-22.30 Server Time

We are 7/9 Mythic

Please feel free to add Miadni (Bronson#2410) our Guild Master to your RealID if you are interested!

Our website is here: https://misled-eu.enjin.com/ and you can even find some pictures from our most recent IRL meet-up =)

Good luck in your search!

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