Exp. rogue LF raiding guild

Good evening!

->"applying" as Rogue, its currently beeing transfered so cant post from it.<-

As the titel says i'm looking for a new home on Kazzak after a couple of months away from the game due to several personal reasons etc.

I'm a pretty social, chatty, funny 25 y/o guy from Sweden, currently living in a small town working with administration and shipping on a window-factory.

My working hours are 07.00-16.00 and my girlfriend lives 140 kilometers away from me which means o spend weekends away i have to adjust my gametime after those restrictions = cant raid until 02.00 in the evenings and cant raid sundays,

3 days a week around 18/19.00-23.00 would be optimal but more or less hours could work too.
I also would love to be in a guild with a "living" community, e.a not quiet guildchats and preferably a couple of people always on voicecoms etc. Its incredibly tideous and boring to play w/o talking.

Raiding experience?

ZG = clear
aq20 = clear
onyxia = clear
Molten Core = clear
BWL = cleared up to Chromie

kara = clear
mag/gruul = clear
SSC/TK = clear after first Vashj/KT nerfs
Hyjal/BT = clear
SWP = stuck on Brutalus

Break until mid ICC, cleared up to LK after the first nerf. Killed him after the third.

BWD/bastion = cleared pre-nerfs. Sinestra world 130
Tot4w = cleared, Al'aqir wasnt prio 1 so to say
Firelands = Cleared pre-nerfs after probably 400 wipes on Raggy, world 200 realm 3 on Outland
DS = cleared world top 200

Swapped realm to casually play with friends, guild disbanded after first tier.
Started PVP instead, got Marshal title as balance druid, legionnaire on DK and champion on rogue around 2k plus arena.

Got back into raiding and cleared SOO HC

Didnt play at all.

Cleared EN mythic realm 2nd on Emerald Dream
2/3 TOV mythic, Helya wasnt prio and guild wasnt top noche
4/10 mythic Nighthold before i had to go AFK until now.

So that's it basically, 14 years of raiding. I know what im doing, im vocal and i dont stand in fire. I pull good numbers and I shout out loud when people fk up to basic mechanics with mic muted.

I do however request to play assassination and not sub, and the guild im looking for doesnt have to raid mythic aslong as its a good atmosphere.

Hola if interesting!

We at <The Disadvantage> are looking to expand our roster for Antorus, the Burning Throne!
We are 3/9M 9/9 HC. We are doing both Heroic and Mythic in the meantime.
Our raid nights take place on Thursday and Sunday from 19.00 to 22.00 PM server time.
To shed a little bit more light on non-raiding activities - we do mythic+ dungeons of all levels.
We can talk more in private if u'd like.

My ingame name is: Koriexd
Bnet tag: Shiny#2649
Hey Akmonxd

Dude where is my mana is looking for some Raiders for our Mythic Raiding Team. We could use a Rogue such as yourself.

For voice comms we use Discord which is always active.

Our Raiding Days are Wednesday, Friday & Sunday from 20 to 23 Realm time.
Our progress is 9/9 HC Working our way up to Mythic Clearing.


Would you wanna be the one zapping our enemy to get our stolen mana back?

If you would like to chat add me on discord: Billy#6728 or Btag Mrhappybunny#2423
Sup boys.

I appreciate your replies but seems like you skimmed through my text as I state quite clearly I cant raid Sundays.. :) best of luck in Antorus however and hope you find what you're looking for!

Oh dam didn't see that haha. Well gl man :P
Hey ho! I think you might fit right in here. You mentioned you we're looking for 3 days/week, which is the only thing we really don't suit.

We raid 2 days a week, Mondays/Thursdays from 20:00-00:00, with an optional alt/gearing raid on fridays, but never using it for progress.

Been on 9/9HC for 2 months, but have been struggling with getting a Mythic roster together, so we'll definitely be going into Mythic come Antorus.

We also always have an active voice com, where we play other games together, but the guildchat might be a bit quiet, but Disc/TS isn't.

You can reach me at Kinety#2855 for a chat if you're interested :)

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