Herald of the Titans Boost (Old)

Note: This thread is old and no longer relevant. Please check with Gallywix Boosting community for newest prices - COMING SOON!

Hello all!

My name is Sakaru, and along with myself, we're selling a number of achievements.

Battletag: sakaru#2690

Nemesis Boost: 40k Per Race - 200k for ALL seven races. Deals available for bringing other buyers!
[Herald of the Titans] Boost: 400k per spot - 2-3 available a week!
Bloody Coins Boost: 60k per person - Available sporadically - Contact me to arrange this!
[Talon's Vengeance] Reputation Boost - TBD with contact of the player.

Returning from selling during Warlords of Draenor expansion, we sell all seven races for the Nemesis Questlines within the Draenor Gladiator's Sanctum. This includes seven achievements and seven titles, as well as free Bloody Coins to one lucky buyer. This often takes 30 minutes per race, or 3.5 hours for a full Nemesis Questline Boost. NOTE: We will boost on ANY EU realm, though all payments MUST be made on Kazzak EU.

For more information on our Nemesis Boosting, please visit my already existing forum thread on this:


On top of this, we sell Bloody Coin boosts separately, which takes around 40 minutes.

*****NEW SERVICE*****

[Herald of the Titans]

This achievement is achievable from killing Algalon within Ulduar 10 man, using a full level 80 raid group without passing 226 item level on Armor or 232 item level on Weapons. We have a highly skilled dedicated team prepped for this to run this regularly on a weekly basis - so book your spot A.S.A.P! Contact myself in game for further details on this.

*****NEW SERVICE*****

[Talon's Vengeance]

A reputation that came out within Legion that requires players to get killing blows on other players around the PVP World Quest zones, giving enemies a 10 minutes debuff on receiving a reputation token again.

My boost is simply to give the player 12 kills, every 10 minutes, to reach the required reputation to unlock the Talon's Vengeance item that allows the player to obtain these Reputation Tokens within battlegrounds - making the achievement a whole lot easier.

This is on a player by player basis, so please contact myself ingame for this service, it's cost, and further information.

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