Vindicaar portal

i cant see it in dalaran anymore but I can see everyone else using it? its not there for me I just see people disappearing where it should be
no one else have this?
Sometimes it happens to me, but after waiting for 20-30s it appears.
Is that happening on the character you are posting with, Snake?

Usually when the portal beacon isn't showing at Krasus' Landing, it means the introduction quest chain to Argus wasn't fully completed. The initial quests will take you to the Vindicaar and Argus, but only the final one in the chain (Into the Night) will unlock the portal beacon in Dalaran.

If you hearthstone away from the Vindicaar/Argus before completing that quest, it may leave you without a quick way to get back.
In that case you can still talk to the NPC in Stormwind and Orgrimmar harbor to board the ship back to the Exodar to then have Velen port you back up. :)
If you do the intro questline (flying to Argus from Exodar) make sure you turn in the quest and at least pick the one that tells you "talk to Romuul to disembark", it never bugged for me at that stage while at least 2 of my friends reported portal disappearing if they kept the quest complete, but not turned in.

Mostly happened for alts who went to Vindicaar to use the Netherlight Crucible and then left immediately after without turning in the quest.
Has nobody considered the possibility that for once the mighty bosses from the end game raid have left their citadel and in an enraged phalanx descended on our puny bastions, laying waste to them all before we have had time to study their unchanging tactics or gather clothing powerful enough to defeat them? Has nobody considered that the Vindicaar might lie scattered across the surface of Argus in twisted shards of smoking hot metal like that stupid zeppelin in Hellfire Peninsula you have to collect 20 bits from for a hot dog recipe? Has nobody considered the hardly remote chance that--Oooo I'm missing Come Dine With Me!
Not sure if this helps, but did you get as far, on Argus, as talking to the Gnome by the return portal to Dalaran, in case that triggered it appearing on Krasus' Landing...?
I had this problem on a couple of alt, like the blue post said, I'd left Argus just before the last quest was done. It's literally a quest to talk to someone, but it's also the quest that triggers the teleport to unlock.

Just go redo the quest starting from the one that sends u to the Exodar.

Best of luck.
The quests are account bound are they not? I'm sure I heard that from a dev somewhere.
Must just be lag.
If you just logged in sometimes things like the portal take longer to spawn.

But you said it looks weird because you see people randomly dissappearing. Now imagine how it looks to a non warrior player when you go into your class hall. People randomly jumping into the sky like a rocket

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