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Argent Dawn
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Standard wages offered. Uniform and lodging included.

HAR-HAR-HAR! We'll find these centaur and once we're done we'll never lack for warm RUGS!

Lok'tar Ogar!

I can still see it now, big guy -- t'boss' fel-burnt hand... little more'n bone, it was, clutching that ragged banner -- the Horde's sigil flying proudly over that bloody hill, just as he promised us.

I suppose he lived up t'our namesake... t'Hand of Conquest, right? His father would've been dead proud.

Hello gamers,

The <Hand of Conquest> is recruiting! This guild has a very standard concept - a "Kalimdor Horde" military group with a very loose uniform that I hope will portray team red's traditional grunts et al in a cool way -- disciplined and uniform but definitely rough around the edges compared to their human/forsaken/elf counterparts

We will be running on a mix of DM'd plots, RP-PVP (both restricted and otherwise) and casual RP and will probably be travelling a lot depending on where our story takes us

In terms of recruitment we're aiming for the Orc/Troll/Tauren/Goblin/Pandaren crowd - the guild's theme is very heavily set on the Orgimmar Grunt aesthetic. Other races will have a very hard time joining up.

The guild has a very light-weight uniform -- you will have to wear the Grunt's shoulderpads (from WoD) and an Orgrimmar tabard.

You can contact Pullo/Lorkus/Battlebrave/Apawi if you're interested

OK that's about it catch you on the flip side / hope to see you in-game
Mmmm the thread finally arrives. Come and join us for good craic and mortal wounds, for the horde.
Great guild for Kalimdor RP!
We'll forge the Path of Glory anew!
This is a really cool guild with very cinematic events. No raid markers to be found here. All it's members are really strong and handsome.

For the Hrode.
Great guy!
Seems like a really great guild.
I mean, down with the Horde!!
Especially that guy named Leffe..
14/11/2017 17:15Posted by Starhelm
Especially that guy named Leffe..

bullied at every turn
This is an unfriendly post
Shoutout to this guild!
I sure miss my beautiful gold armour, but my new do fills me with pride and confidence.

For the Horde!
14/11/2017 17:20Posted by Leff
bullied at every turn

Of course you are. Nobody likes you.

I give this guild 5 out of Lok'tar Ogar
Zeep is in this guild.

What more reason do you need.

Free autograph for every enlistee.
14/11/2017 20:09Posted by Zeepkist
What more reason do you need.

at least a hundred

great guild, great guys, great gm. if your looking for the authentic horde experience, give them a look
Pretty cool guild that all proud horde people should join.
15/11/2017 19:14Posted by Krontan
Pretty cool guild that all proud horde people should join.

Proud, but hated person in horde. Can I apply still?
Attended a nice event using toys and NPC models to maximise immersion. Really cool!
seems like a quality rp guild to bring the best of horde rp into the one guild.
What a guild! - "London Times"

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