[H/RP] Hand of Conquest

Argent Dawn
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Death by getting-ran-over-by-a-wheelchair.
Now, you're probably wondering why Krathka here's in nothing but a loincloth.

Here's why: http://imgur.com/gallery/Yhtfc63

If this isn't enough incentive to join the military I don't know what is.
And now, a story:

Krathka may have been in an amazing new land, this Zandalar with its City of Gold, but that didn't change his routine. He had found his way to the Steamway, run by the Tortollans.
Using the waters of the hybrid public bath and hatching grounds he looked at his reflection. First, he wet his hair a pinch. That was his favourite part of keeping his mohawk in shape, the cool touch of the water.
His hair had always been a filthy, knotted, long mess growing up in Hammerfall.
The humans only gave him water when he needed it to live, or near-drowned him in the brief moments when he'd stir from his catharsis and act up. Things were different now, he had as much water as he needed, as he wanted. A blessing.
Once he was satisfied, he reached for his poultice. A mixture of wax and grease, dabbed onto his fingers, ran through his hair, solidifying the spiked wedge of hair and keeping it rigid.
He was in control now.
And anotha one, cus I'm feeling like it.

To Krathka, Vol'dun was an omen. A vision of Durotar in a reality where the Horde lost. A civilization buried beneath the sands. Would scavengers pick over it generations down the line as the Vulpera do today, uncovering fragments of the once-great Orcish nation?
He banished the thought from his mind, tightening the mask about his mouth, not to protect from the sand as it usually did, but from the biting winds that buffeted his face from his position atop the ruined temple, its name unknown to him.
Krag'ak slept behind him, his watch now done, fastened down to the alcove found in the masonry, Krathka having laid his cloak across him and weighing it down with a handful of loose rocks, to prevent his friend from tumbling off the edge in his sleep.
All was quiet for now in the desert, save for the beasts roaming and the odd sighting of the Vulpera. With luck, this quiet would reign over Vol'dun soon, no more din of battle breaking it, and the scavengers would have fresh Alliance bodies to squabble over.

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