[A] Ironforge Drinkers Club - A new PvP guild

We are a newly formed PvP guild on Ravencrest.

We are recruiting for our RBG team next season we also want a community where people can find arena partners.

We will also have weekly social events when we have a lot more members such as BG premades and duel/arena wargames with prizes.

Any questions message myself Troublex or Deathconan for more information.


Plus a bonus for any member that can out drink me! Xd

I am interested as an arms warrior, if you still need one.
Would be willing to xfer as well - add me please: SimonNagy#2193

1700-1820cr LS6

Interested as a Frost Mage. [Not solicitating for the RBG spots, but mainly for the PvP-guild setting on it's own, not exluding it if you need one though.]

For being a PvP realm there's not a lot of PvP-guilds around that do recruit.
I've played competitive PvP in previous expansions on my older account and got up 'till 2k in 3v3 and 2.2k in RBG's.

Shoot me a PM ingame or add me: Joris#21656
Hey! I've been looking for a guild for a long time and pvp is basically everything I do! I Have no experience doing RBG's and only recently started doing arenas casually every now and then. I do grind through a bunch of random bg's, though!

I'd understand if you don't want me on the RBG team, but even if I could join as a social I would be ectstatic!
Im so down, exactly what i have been looking for. I just came back from a break since season 2 and im so down to start playing rbgs. I got a arms warrior, resto druid( suck at healing atm) sub rogue( my main) and a ww monk. Hopefully my rogue can join. Where so i apply no more questions to be asked!

This sounds like an awesome guild. Are you guys still playing?
Would love to join :)

Guild stil active ? If so I have interest in joining. Newly leveled char but will be geared quickly.

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