11/11M Guild Selling HC Antorus and +15 Boost Runs

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<Arctic Avengers> [11/11 Mythic] Is now selling Full Heroic Antorus, the Burning Throne Runs on Personal Loot!

The services we currently offer:
- Heroic 11/11 Antorus Personal Loot (Price 300k Gold)
- Heroic Argus the Unmaker Personal Loot (Price 100k Gold)
- Heroic Specific Bosses Personal Loot (Price 20k Gold)
- Mythic +15 Dungeon In Time (Price 100k gold)
- Mythic +16 to +20 Dungeon In Time (Price discussed)
- Nightbane Mount from Return to Karazhan (Price 80k gold)

- The Full 11/11 Heroic Antorus Boost Runs are held each Thursday at 20:00 ST
- Heroic Argus the Unmaker will be held during the same run as the full Heroic
- Mythic +15 Runs are done Daily, just contact one of us on battle net
- Mythic +16 to +20 Runs are done by our main group and have to be discussed

Gear & Loot System:
- Antorus: Every item dropped from each boss will be rolled out, unless one of our raiders can use it as an upgrade! In that case we will keep the item. Each run is done with Personal Loot!
- Mythic+ Dungeons: All gear will be traded to the buyer. Unless the item procs a high titanforge and we can use it as an upgrade.

The full amount will be paid at the start of the dungeon or raid unless otherwise noted. We currently only accept gold on: Ravencrest (In the future we might also accept gold on other servers)

If under any circumstances the boost does not go through, we will return the whole amount of gold payed by the buyer.

If you are interested in purchasing from us or you have any questions, please add one of these battletags. Forsaken#21326 / Roliath#2510 / Tankzorx#2410
Good Service, EZ loot
Good service, excellent run. Joined on my Rogue for a 9/9HC clear and we were done in little over an hour. Shredbull handles things perfectly and the raid went smoothly. I received plenty of loot the raiders got as well, which is a massive plus and they are just good chaps overall.

Just did a run on my priest and recived alot of loot ! Both from players and the run itself ! Went fast and smoothly!
Thumbs up
just had the most smooth and fast boost ever, that guild do a greate job. wound be the last time i go with them. they friendly and kind players. ty to all of you from arctic avengers
That run was lit!! Will go again next week! 127% money worth :) I even got my BiS leggo lol
Ahoy Scallywags!

These scallywags are th' best at wha' they do! I 'ave had quite a few runs Wit' them 'n 'tis quick 'n effective! Love these scallywags! Fun 'n Worth every gold!

Blakcbeard seal o' approval!
it was a good and smooth run 0 wipes ! thanks alot got 4 good items! i would deffo recommend you guys ! and its worth the gold.. See ya Next week!
Just bought a boost for my alt. Went so fast and smooth! Worth every penny spent. I really felt like I was helpin, even tho it was these chaps doing all the hard work :) #WouldRecommend!
Boosted me trough m+ , Quick and Clean with good banter. I was given all tradable loot aswell.

5/7 Will buy again =)
Reliable & professional. Well worth the gold. Fast and efficient without any drama.

Satisfied with the boost and recommend these guys to everyone!

Just bought a boost from these guys. Was a nice and smooth run, would definitely recommend them :)
Boosted 2 of my alts, well played lads, ez 3 chests. 5/5 will go again
just had my 2nd mythic + run with these guy's both runs was asked if i want the gear there got and was quick and easy defo 10 out 10 and will come back
Just did a hc kil'jeaden run with these guys and 1 shot. i reserved a spot but the day of the boost i wasn't online. so they signed up me up for the following week without having to pay twice for the reserved spot. rly good and friendly chaps. i'll defo remind them if they are gonna do boosting in antorus.
smooth and easy :]
quick and safe runs and also crazy guys :D

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