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Hallo wij zijn met 3 op zoek naar een nederlandstalige actieve guild op de server

Darkspear / Terokkar / Saurfang

we zijn momenteel horde maar willen faction change doen, zijn geen echte raiders , we doen altijd mytic dungeons samen

Balance Druid 110 ilvl 920+
Dlood Dk 110 ilvl 929
Paladin Healer ilvl 926

Still Looking :)
Spijtig dat je juist op deze realms zoeken. Maar toch succes met jullie zoektocht.
welke Realm speel je ?

Edit: Silvermoon :p
Hey Jongens, jullie zijn zo te zien niet op zoek naar het volgende maar toch link ik het ff.
De hele officer-team bestaat uit Nederlanders en dr zijn nog een hoop andere spelers in de guild die ook NL zijn.
Succes als het niks is voor jullie en anders hoor ik het vanzelf wel!

Good day fellow WoW-player!

I am Gruuwelíjk, scout of the raiding guild <Stheno> on the server Tarren Mill.
With this post i hope to find friendly and experienced players who are looking for a guild to actively raid with 2 days a week.

Stheno is recruiting for mythic raiding! If you don't have time to raid 4 nights a week but still want to be part of a guild aiming to clear all mythic content, this may be the place for you.

Who are we?
We're a fresh remake of an existing guild. Our players recently transferred from all over, including from a lot of guilds with top 100 and 200 ranked kills.

Currently, we're 5/9 Mythic. We have a team of around 15 core players, and are aiming to recruit all sorts of classes to build a strong team for mythic.

Raiding days & times
Raiders are expected to be online and on discord 10 minutes before raid start.

Progression schedule:
Thursday and Tuesdays raids at 20:00-23:00 server time.

On farm we will raid as often as needed to clear the raid, as well as running weekly alt raids. There is also a possibility that we will run two Mythic clears per week after progression is over.

What are we after?
We aim to have a large roster, able to easily fill 30 man Normal and Heroic raids. The strongest 20 will then be used for mythic content (of course swapping in players to keep it fair). We aim to remain fairly casual with raiding, but if you can't pull your weight for mythic then you simply won't be brought to the mythic raids.

We're more than happy to invite you to cross-realm raids for a trial, so there's no risk for if this guild isn't the place for you.

What we expect from raiders:

Responsibility and reliability.
We all have real-life commitments, everyone can be late, but with the technology of smart-phones we expect all our members to be able to notify or contact the officers whenever a situation happens a member can't show up for a raid.

Interest in WoW.
With all the updates implemented by Blizzard the game can change drastically and we expect our members to stay up to date with these changes and to adept to these changes whenever necessary.

Friendly and social.
We are not just a guild with members who raid together. We are a team of players interested in playing games with other players and have fun on the way.
On our Discord server we hang out, play other games together and raid together in WoW.
We don't expect you to be part of all of this, but a little kindness goes a long way and if you do feel like you want to play another game with a guildie you are welcome to tag along and contact them to participate!

More things Stheno expects:
-A minimum of 85% attendance on both progression and farm raids.
-To maintain equally high attendance and performance on both farm and progression. Farm is where we prepare for the upcoming progression content, thus it is important that all raiders are present and performing their best on farm. Players who cannot find motivation to attend farm raids will not fit in here.
-In depth knowledge of your class. There is a time and place for discussion and advice, but raiders will not be babysitted.
-Ability to handle constructive criticism and understand that sometimes you may be sat out for the good of progression.
-A mature attitude, meaning no raging, no whining about loot, etc.
-Ability to use our website and forums, as well as the in-game calendar, and to give as much notice as possible for absences/lates.
-Commitment to the guild and raid team and its goals.
-To come prepared to all our raids, including encounter knowledge, the best consumables available, and to put in as much effort as possible outside of raids to gear up etc.
-Ability to speak, write and understand English to a good level.

What you can expect from us

-Committed leadership with a harsh but fair attitude, who quickly address and resolve any issues in the guild.
-A raid environment where everyone pulls their weight, and where underperforming players are not tolerated.
-Raiders who put in as much effort as possible both in raids and outside of raids.
-Non-raid events, such as Mythic+ dungeon runs, particularly when these benefit the raid.
-Regular events such as alt raids, achievement runs, etc.
-A social community where there are always players online in game, on discord, and playing other games together.
-A fair loot council, where loot is seen as a tool for progression and thus will be given to the class/role which most benefits the guild’s progression.

Additional information
Our aim isn't to be the best ranked guild out there, but simply to experience and enjoy all the content the game has to offer in a way that allows flexibility with raiding hours. The aim of having such a large roster means that there isn't any pressure on you to compromise too much IRL. If you can't raid one night, you probably won't be putting the guild in a bad position.

We're mostly made up of players who have some experience with competitive raiding in some capacity. Where we're fairly laid back than we used to be regarding how long we raid for, we still want focused players for the content. Our ultimate aim is to have a fairly large, sociable raiding team, with a smaller and much more focused team for mythic content.

Our Mythic team is almost complete, and incredibly strong, so don't miss out on becoming a part of it!

Recruitment is currently open for almost every class and spec.

If you have any interest in joining us, or if you would like to have a chat to figure out we would be the right choice feel free to contact me via the battle.net application or in-game.
My B-tag is: Gruuwelijk#2460

If i am not available or if you would like to chat with any of the officers or Guildmaster feel free to add them aswell.

• Greèn - Sven#2832 (Guildmaster)
• Aruhi - Levi#22636 (Officer, general)
• Saurogh - oGsJoey#2781 (Officer, melee)
• Ireprise - iReprise#2325 (Officer, ranged)
• Gorpe - gorpe#2522 (Officer, heal)
dank u maar zijn opzoek naar een volledige nederlandstalige guild
Daar zijn er maar heel weinig van, op de servers die jullie zoeken volgens mij geen 1. Maar je kan het natuurlijk altijd proberen! Succes jongens
idd er zijn er maar totaal niet actief
nog steeds aant zoeken :)-
Beste Darkmomo,
De post is wat ouder van jullie, dus weet niet of jullie nog aan het zoeken zijn. Maar mochten dit het geval zijn en jullie zouden een realm transfer zien zitten dan wellicht de moeite waard om eens de post van <Optimus Pruim> te lezen. Wij zitten op Bloodhoof/Khadgar.
Nederlandstalige guild (belgen/nederlanders) die het sociale aspect hoog in het vaandel heeft. Proberen veel samen te doen.
Hier is de link naar de post:

Mijn battlenet mocht je geïnteresseerd zijn:
Hey, hey...
Ik zie dat jullie post al ouder is maar wij hebben een nl/be guild op Saurfang.
Indien je nog interesse hebt, mijn Btag: MissTr4x#2922

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