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My name is Grumpymuppet and I am 29 years old. I have been a RL/GM since vanilla and have been leading all raids up till WoD on the highest difficulty. Just before Legion real life kicked in (bought a house/fulltime job etc) that I had to give up this raiding I really love. However, the time has come for me to return to the raiding scene, however I got a gear disadvantage at the moment.

Because I am a lazy programmer, and my job only starts at 10:00, i am looking for a guild that raids late in the evening. I would prefer everything between [B]22:00 - 02:00[/B]. Sometimes i can stay longer, sometimes i can join earlier, but let's focus on these times :)

The times above mentioned, i can make on the following days: [B]Sunday/Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday[/B]. I can make pretty much a 100% attendance on those day.

At the moment my main is a Blood Deathknight with a ilvl of 930 (and a 910 Warlock). However I am aware that tanks are not really wanted these days so I can pretty much play everything. I just need to gear it up first, but if you tell me what to play, I will spend all my time and gold on doing just that :)

I rather not transfer ofcourse, but if its a perfect fit I am willing to do so. At the moment I am on Alliance - Ravencrest.

I hope someone can help me out! If you cannot, but know a guild that does raid in the late evening, please help me out and tag them in a way to show them this post!

Thank you!


Hello Grumpymuppet

I saw the times you want there , I know it's 22:00-2:00 but I thought i'd still drop the offer.
We are <After Midnight> Alliance @ The Maelstrom , we raid Monday, Tuesday & Thursday @1:30-4:00 a.m server time, if you are willing to go that late.

We recently formed 1 month ago, are about 10-12 raiders clearing 9/9 HC TOS till we are enough for mythic raiding as that's our goal : to push as high as possible on mythic .

For more info Contact me @ Elie#2654

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