WTS Long-Forgotten Hippogryph & other rarespawns

Twisting Nether
I'm currently selling my service of helping you obtain the Long-Forgotten Hippogryph aswell as other rarespawn mounts and hunter pets.

- - - -
I take you to all the crystals, click the crystals, get the mount.

200K on all medium/high realms. Tokenprice+5k on all other realms. Payment is done in Orgrimmar beforehand.

5-10 minutes.

- - - -
Prices for other rare spawns (Much longer waiting-time)

• Aeonaxx (Phosphorescent Stone Drake): 1.5m
• Time-Lost Proto Drake: 2m
• Voidtalon Egg/Portal (Voidtalon of the Dark Star): 1.5m
• Poundfist (Sunhide Gronnling): 200k
• Luk'hok (Mottled Meadowstomper): 150k
• Nakk the Thunderer (Bloodhoof Bull): 150k
• Pathrunner (Swift Breezestrider): 150k
• Silthide (Sapphire Riverbeast): 150k
• Gorok (Grey Greytusk): 150k

• Exotic Hunter Pets (spirit beasts etc): 150k each

BTAG: SYPHNIX#2407 (often full) DISCORD: snx#4475 or /w Atherya-Draenor

- Rates are subject to change
Bought mine about 2 weeks ago. Very happy owner of the Long-Forgotten Hippogryph.

And guys just so you know the whole run took about 10-15 minutes.
Bought mine 1 week ago, but was not sure if i could trust the guy so i asked for some kind of proof and that was not a problem so he showed me 2 of the crystal spawns. then i went to OG to trade him the gold. Then he took me on his rocket and flew at all the 5 locations, took around 5-10 min. Now i have the Long-Forgotten Hippogryph :D
Fastest and easiset mount of my life! :d
Thanks for the fast and easy service :D
Took 5 mins piggbacking on his mount ^^
It took mostly 15 mins, nice attitude and no scamming, recommended
Bought mine about two weeks ago. Takes about 10 mins and then you have the amazing mount that the hippogryph is! :D
Bought mine just a moment ago. Takes about 5-10min :D Thanks for the hippogryph!
Very cool! very flexible! very reasonable! simply put.
Just bought mine a minute ago.
Seller kindly ran me through as i had no idea how getting this mount worked.
Ended up taking only a few minutes as i was casually sitting on the backseat of his mount clicking crystals.

Worth it!
Just got mine aswell! This dude has nice attitude and doesnt scam, if u want the mount i recommend this dude!
I just bought mine a minute ago. He/She was very kind and funny !

NO SCAM NOTHING takes 5-6 min to get that pinky mount ! ^^

TİP: if u really think u ll able to get it in ur CROWD server . u wont. just buy it ! ^^
Simple fast and easy totally worth the price ! +rep
Good trustworthy guy. Help and makes the process easy would recommend.

Can help but feel like i have just written an ebay comment :D
Amazing service got the mount realy fast! 5 min!
Got mine yesterday. Great guy took 5 mins to get the mount which I have farmed for hours and failed.
i got mount today. Took 2 mins very cheap.
Got the mount today <3 great service and it took 5mins only :D

Really happy owner of the rare hyppogryph <3
Easiest mount ever ;)

Paid in orgrimmar and he just flew me to all the crystals!

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