<Seekers of Eternity> is recruiting players for PvP

Burning Blade / Drak’thul
Hello guys,

<Seekers of Eternity> is a CZ/SK guild primarily focused on PvE content, however some of us are also passionate PvP players, so we decided to expand our ranks!

First of all, we want to make a premade group to synchronize ourselves, nevertheless we have even higher ambitions, like rated BG’s etc.
Currently we are looking for some (meele,ranged) dmgers and healers.

What we require:
-"Be dedicated"!: learn to fight against enemy classes
-Willingness to improve: None of us is perfect, but you should be able to receive feedback and act on it!
-Have a sense of humour: be able to take jokes
- We value teamwork and people who put the teams needs before their own.

What we offer:
- PvPing in a relaxed atmosphere!
- People will help for your M+ keystones or you can join one of our raiding groups!

If this sounds interesting to you or if you are looking for more information w/me in-game!
This thread is no longer relevant, so it should be deleted.

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