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Looking for Players – PvE

As the title says My Brewmaster is looking for a guild.


I´m a 27 years old guy from Finland. I will start studying on start of 2018 and because of this I will have time in my hand to raid more.

I have played since vanilla mainly as a tank or a healer. I have been playing this expansion mainly as pugger since I have moved to another country during this expansion and Now I have been working so much that I could not see myself raiding in a guild due my work.

As this toon is quite new and brewmaster is unique tanking wise. I will not be able to provide as for now a top 95-100%ish cheesing brewmaster. My playstyle is easily enough to tank heroic KJ and such so no I´m not a bad tank. I´m trying to improve myself all the time so In due time I will be become that cheesing brewmaster.

What I´m looking for?

A guild that is planning or has jumped into mythic progress now and I has a plan for the new raid.

But more than this I´m looking for a guild that has a social aspect to it and is willing to let people join those social groups. ( As I have seen guilds where the same players have been playing for many years and basicly just stay on their own channel all the time )

Your raid times should be between 19.00-23.00 realm time ( this would give me basicly 100% attendance with some days I could not join but I would let the guild know about those beforehand )

What would you get from me?

vocal tank that will talk with the other tank or group that he needs to work with.

A tank that will bring flasks, potions , food ect with him always.

A tank that will try to self improve all the time.

Thanks for raiding this, if you have questions be sure to leave them here and ill anwser you asap.

- Zonex the bewmaster
Added more information to the post!
CTSamurai, a 6/9M team on EU-Neptulon is recruiting DPS and healer for Tomb of Sargeras progression and beyond. We raid W,Th,M 8:30-11:30 ST.
Our current recruitment needs:
DPS - we have a couple of spots. LF Ranged. Come help us kill all the things. If you are exceptional, don't be shy. Let’s talk.
CTSamurai is one of several mythic teams on EU-Neptulon. The guild offers a wide variety of raiding opportunities within a large, active diverse community. We have a great team culture based on mutual respect and FUN and are looking for more raiders to come play. CTSamurai is a relaxed, yet focused raiding environment.
You should be responsible, drama-free, and mature, in control of your emotions and have experience in heroic and mythic raiding. You should have recent mythic experience. No rageaholics !
Check out the guild at http://ctsamurai.wowalliances.com/. For additional questions, please add me to battletag: Anoobisath#2324
Hey there! Would server + faction change be an option? If so, here's some info about the guild!

Final Evolution @ Darksorrow is in fact looking for another tank.
We are currently at 4/9M with almost Desolate Host dead. However, progression has been slow due to only having one stable tank at the moment.

Here is some info about the guild:

Final Evolution (7/7M 2/3M 8/10M 4/9M), is a semi-hardcore raiding guild located on the Darksorrow realm, which focuses on its 20-man mythic raid team.
We have been around on Darksorrow for many years and has as a result achieved a nearly stainless reputation on the realm throughout the years. We pride ourselves, not only on our raiding capabilities, but most of all on our ability to raid competitively in a 3-day raid schedule whilst having a blast with one another, not only during raid time, but also outside of raids in the form of either; Mythic +, alt raids, reputation farming etc. or even just by having a chat in our guild chat / TS.

We raid 9 hours a week, spread out on three days a week. Raid invites are 15 min. prior to the start of each raid and our raid times are set according to Server time GMT+1. As an applicant, you are expected to show up for each of the three raid days during your trial period.

Official Raid Times
★ Wednesday (20:30-23:30)
★ Thursday (20:30-23:30)
★ Monday (20:30-23:30)
(Optional)★ Sunday or Tuesday(20:30-22:30), at the start of expansion/raid tier.

We expect you to attain certain requirements beforehand applying

★ Atleast Lvl 51 Artifact Weapon and an iLvl of 930.
★ Attendance of at least 75%+, the more the better.
★ A wider understanding of your class and its specializations.
★ Previous experience will help in your application
★ Being able to write and speak the English language is an absolute necessity.
★ Reading up on the forum once in a while to read posts from the officers or other important stuff (boss tactics etc.).
★ Have a stable pc and internet connection, that is, if you wanna be taken to raids.
★ Motivation during progression nights or even if we’re just having a bad night, you can uphold a good attitude and enjoy yourself!

Sound interesting? If so, feel free to hit me up and add Kimsaz#2287 for more info or if you have any questions.
Hope to hear from you. :)
Hello. Our guild is a bit different so may not appeal to you, but...

Intrusion is a guild that raids 1 day a week every Sunday 19:30 - 23:00. Currently progressing on Mythic.

We are casual players but still want focus on our raid time to clear things competitively though we know we can't compete with guilds raiding multiple times a week. We are the top 1 day raid guild on Ravencrest.

We need a 2nd tank. If you are interested - add me on Aurah#2893
Hey Zonex - if you'd be interested in a realm transfer, our guild is currently looking for a tank for the upcoming Antorus raid and your description of yourself sounds ideal for what we're looking for.

I've posted (and updated today) on the Ragnaros forum a little bit about the guild, https://eu.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/17616994821 , so there's alot more info there, but in short we're raiding two days per week on Monday and Wednesday, from 20:00 to 23:00 Server time. We consistently cleared HC and raided Mythic through each tier of the expansion (7/7M, 4/10M, currently 3/9M), and are planning to do the same in Antorus.

If you'd be interested in discussing it further, feel free to add me on BTag, Hools#2771, or alternatively can contact us via the link on our WoWProgress page if you'd like to apply.

<Gelu Angelus>
Hey Zonex
Im a guild manager at VII-EmeraldDream. VII have 12 years of experience with raiding. We are currently 5/9 mythic. We raid 3 times a week from 2100 - 0000 on:


Our raids ends an hour later than your limit, but i hope you would consider staying up for a little longer to finish up our raids in a nice environment.
If your interested we also have many off raid activities such as heroic run and m+

Add my b-tag if interested (Alfonsen#21325)

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