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Will you let us turn off scalling for old content?
Will dungeons level-requirement have a refit in order to provide adequate ammount of dungeons leveling, spread more evenly?
My question is lore related and I would like to know who is the new leader for the darkspear trolls and also how will the darkspear trolls fell about this new alliance between the horde and the zandalar .
Do void elves have wings or are those just part of the cosmetic armor?
Will the Warfronts work in the same vein as garrisons and order hall quests? As in click a button, send out troops, wait 4-8 hours for results?

Also, when can we expect Warlock casting/spell animation updates?
Currently, if you wish your character to be a ranged/tank hybrid, you only have one option in the form of a chicken and bear.

Are there any plans to introduce a tank spec to another ranged class (or vise versa)?
When game designers look at creating a new raid or zone, is existing lore retconned or expanded to fit with the narrative and design you're looking to create at the time, or are you given strict guidelines of what you can do?

For example - how demons are re-spawned unless killed in the twisting nether, but Mannaroth stayed dead until Gul'dan brought him back - was it done that way to create a multi-phased fight which the designed felt was more compelling?
Will transmogrification of Artifacts be available for different Specs, for example Vengeance Demon Hunter wielding Havoc Glaives?
Does the leveling changes / scaling to dungeons mean we won't be able to go back and solo old content, or will the scaling be added to a mode?
- With the burning of Teldrassil, will the Night elves loose the remaining effects of the blessings from the aspects?

- In Demon hunters its often spoke of a a demon within, of a voice separate from the demon hunters own constantly speaking to them, being the demon. But in the book Vendel eventually say that the second voice is his own too. Do Illidari actually have a demon within, or are they just so corrupted that they think they do?
Are more Connected Realms planned?
When will Gnomes get Paladins? It better be with this expansion!

I've asked this every single Blizzcon, and even to the developers when I had a chance to meet them. I was met with laughter! The little lovable blighters have been Warriors forever, and Priests since the Cataclysm. You even made a Night Elf Priest into a Paladin in their Legion Campaign!

So they have Swords, Shields, The Light... bring on my Light-Wielding, Plate-Wearing, Diminutive-Battle-Buddies!
In regards to level scaling coming to all old content including dungeons, will that make solo raiding for mounts/transmog gear a thing of the past?
Will those raids scale to my level and make soloing it impossible?
When does Antorus the burning throne release, and around howmuch month's from now is the expected releasedate for the new expansion?

Kind regards,
What can we expect to the Forsaken flavoured allied race? I personally would love to play my un-dead character that looks much more like Nathanos or maybe the Dark rangers.

I think allied races are a great feature that gives players of opposing factions access to different silhouettes, e.g. Night elf silhouette for Horde players, Blood elf silhouette for Alliance players, coupled with some changes the community was vocal about like upright standing Trolls. It adds flavour but mostly it adds the much needed cosmetic options.
I'm excited about the changes to world PvP/PvE, as I'm not a fan of world PvP myself however I'm concerned how this will work finding groups to do WQ's /WBosses. So how does a group of mixed PvP/PvE flagged players coexist in the same area?
Are you going to revamp elemental models?
hi, when is the expected release date of Antorus (The Burning throne) and the date of the new expansion?
When does antorus & the new expansion release? (Expected release dates)
Now that we are going to have scaling lower level zones, will the lower level dungeons receive the same scaling?

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