Artifact Wep ilvl bug?


This only seems to happen on my hunter, this doesn't seem to be a problem with my DH, Paladin or Druid.

When I log into my hunter, my avg ilvl shows as 917. If i un-equip and re-equip my artifact, it goes back up to 919. If i then log back to character screen and log back onto my hunter again, it goes back down to 917, until i un-equip/re-equip my weapon again, where again it returns to 919. This only started happening since I upgraded my relics using the netherlight crucible.

I've submitted a bug but i've not usually gotten any info that way! Does anyone else have a similar issue, and is there likely to be a fix? I can't confirm whether this happens with other weps on the same toon, as I only use Titanstrike.
Having the same issue
Yes i am having the same problem,it only started today after i transmoged a pair of gloves,might be conincedence,my ilvl is 925 but dropped to 923,so done the same as the player above and unequipped my weopon and reaquipped and sure enough it went back to 925,very strange i must admit :(

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