<Predication> guild (11/11M) is recruiting.

<Predication> is a 3 day mythic raiding guild on Kazzak.

Our progress this expansion:
7/7M EN
3/3M ToV
10/10M NH
9/9M ToS

Raid times:
Mon/Wed/Thu - 19:30 - 23:30 st (farm raids end earlier sometimes)
BEFORE BFA: fewer raid days or hours whilst re-clearing.

We are open for recruitment once again and currently we are interested in recruiting any of the following classes/specs:

WARLOCK -> any spec
HUNTER -> MM pref.

Any other classes/spec will be considered as well.

What we offer you:

- a friendly and fun, yet serious raiding environment when it comes to progress.
- a raid schedule that fits most people's busy schedules in real life.
- an additional heroic(or Mythic) raid on Sundays (not mandatory) for alts/mains/ap farm.
- active skilled players to challenge you or you can push M+ with.
- flexible loot system based on attendance/performance/attitude/skill/tactics execution.

What we need from our raiders:

- be able to communicate in-game and on discord. ( mic during raid is mandatory )

- accept criticism as a way to improve

- minimum of 90% attendance

- be able to raid for the full duration of the raid (3-4 hours)

- never AFK at inconvenient times during raids

- solid preparation so we don’t waste precious raid time on unnecessary wipes or explanations

- using the best consumables available to you during both farm and progress

- min/maxing your character for raiding to a high degree (aka simulate)

- a good computer and stable internet so that there wont be wasted time with dc etc.

Alts that people can play on a mythic level(as well as off-specs) are a BIG plus but not a requirement. If you're interested and believe you share our views and goals in the game, feel free to post info about you here or contact me on bnet -> Sashinka613#2902.
We are no longer looking for tanks, only damage dealers.
Still on the look for exceptional and loyal raiders.

Damage Dealers/Healers

Looking for a HEALER for our main team.


and a WARLOCK (any spec)
HUNTER (any spec but MM pref.)

Other classes and specs will also be taken into consideration, depending on your experience and dmg/healing output.

Recruitment is currently open for all DPS classes/specs.

The only exception will be for the HEALER spot that we wish to fill
with either DRUID or a PRIEST.

Sashinka613#2902 for contact

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