It happened...I'm burned out by this game

you sound like you need to take a walk.. walks do more for you than you think..
and I dont mean on the pavement in traffic I mean on a forest path or whatever..
There should be recycling for legendaries. Come on Blizzard it's 2017 join the initiative!
Cool story bro - 4 110's - not one Legendary on any of them.

Maybe you could donate a bad one to me?
Don't feel bad about it. Burning out is completely fine and there ain't better time for your burnout than now. Take a good while away from WoW, play other games, read or listen music/audiobooks and go outside. In other words, rewire yourself.

I had an burnout in WoW earlier this year simply because my mind was overloaded with everything related to this game. I considered/consider myself as a new player so I wanted to "think before I speak" - meaning I thirsted knowledge. I wanted to know the story, classes, races, mechanics, gearing up. Eventually I burned out because I couldn't focus on all the things at once. I thought I'd be better if I continue playing, but won't research and analyze everything I come across. I was wrong so I had to take a month-off and prioritize things to myself all over again. You should try it too.

You are focusing on so many characters, mechanics of different classes etc. It might sound like a no-brainer for an experienced player like you, but even though you don't feel that you're working, your brains are constantly memorizing and processing the stuff you do. For you, on the surface, it's just keeping your alts on the pace, I get it, but our brains don't get it. Let your mind rest and reset and it'll be fine.

"Don't gain the world and lose your soul. Wisdom is better than silver and gold"
- Bob Marley
The important thing, as far a Blizz is concerned, is you played this long. In their mind without the legendary treadmill of randomness you would of left and stop subscribing way before now......and they are more than likely correct.
I've always set myself my own challenges in this game, that I know I can achieve. And so throughout the many years of playing I have never ever gotten bored. Trick is never to play at the sharp end of the stick... cus you are working with a very limited palette.
13/10/2017 14:26Posted by Avít
Burned out? ... Burned out?? ... I hear this all the time and it makes me wonder.

Why do people say burned out when they mean BORED.

There i said it .... i said the bad nasty B word.
Making it fluffy and shiny and pouring some glitter sparklies all over it does not make a turd less ... um ... turdy.

Help ... bring coffee ..

You clearly have no idea what it means then XD
Burned out = when you want to do something but don't find the energy

Bored = simply find everything boring

And I starting to feel the same thing

I really like the raids but I am just starting to get fed up with having to recycle old contents endlessly

I burn for progress raids but when I find myself have to grind old content for more hours then I am having fun I lose my interest
13/10/2017 14:49Posted by Hootersret
Cool story bro - 4 110's - not one Legendary on any of them.

Maybe you could donate a bad one to me?

Maybe try playing the game? The first two are as easy to get as a green item ffs.
Well at any rate, you lasted longer than me OP. I was feeling burnt out months ago.
I never understand the pressure put on themselfs for legeis when not top 500 guild.
Stop re rolling classes . Stop making pressure for gear. Start having fun with friends. Start 4getting about pixels.
Btw pryd and selp are no longer bad legies to say they are is folly stop being a sheep and believeing bad info.

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