[H] Da Noob preparing for Antorus

Tarren Mill / Dentarg
<Da Noob>
We are rebuidling our roster for upcoming ANTORUS raid. Established at 2008, had our hardcore raiding days, now settled as a casual end game raiding guild. Casual does not mean we don’t have aims, we always been passionate for raid progress, so it’s just mean we do raid less days. We are recruiting like minded experienced raiders, who wants a relax mode progress through content and see entire game .

Current Progress : 8/9H at 2nd week, guild took break and did not attempt Mythic
Previous Progress : 7/10M NH
Raid Times : Thurs & Mond from 20:00 to 23:00 server
Loot : Loot council
Achv./Alt/Farm Raids : (Optional) Weds at 20:30 to ...
Voice : Discord

Recruitment Status :

We are preparing for the upcoming Antorus raid atm. Anyone who really want progressive raiding is welcome.
Expectations :
We are raiding in limited times, so we are expecting from you to be focused for progressing, improving yourselves and coming to raids fully prepare. Meanwhile we will provide you good leadership, friendly and relax mode guild, fair loot distrubution and a solid stable guild.

Do not hesitate to contact any of our officers in game or msg me anytime for a chat if u need.
B.net : Tocibasus#2234
Discord : Toci#9554
Still looking for;

Healers - Monk/Priest/Sham
Melees - Ret/DK/Ww
Ranges - Hunter/Lock/Mage/SP/Ele
Ty all for your interest , our roster is full but always looking for exceptional players willing to progress in relax mode :)

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