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Hello. My issue is that settings are not saving in any addon. If i make a change in the settings of any of my addons and /reload (or relog) then the setting is reverted to what it was before every time. This is happening in every addon i have installed. I have tried deleting cache and i've renamed the WTF folder so i got a fresh one. Nothing helps. Anyone got a clue to what might be the cause? (i came back from a 3-4 month break and found it like this, all addons are updated)
Sounds like a file write permission error. Check that the Wow64.exe process has write permission for the relevant files.
As far as i can tell it has all the permissions. I have found some other posts about this issue on the US forums tho.


The problem is that all changes are only saved in .tmp files and never in the .lua files. If i make a change in an addon and then delete the .lua (in SavedVariables) and then rename the .tmp file so it becomes the new .lua then the changes stick.

Edit: FIXED! Used CCleaner to clean the registry and now it is working again. Special thx to the legend that is Pete! :)
It has stopped working again and the ccleaner trick is not working anymore. I have now also run sfc to make sure nothing was broken or missing but to no avail.
Fixed for good this time i belive. I read some of the latest replies in one of the two us forum posts i linked. One of the guys have figured out that Malwarebytes anti-ransomware was causing the problem. I was using that pos too. Uninstalled it and now all the .tmp files are gone.

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