Raf Leveling to 90

I have been playing wow for over 4 years, I'm looking to recruit any new player so we can benefit from the xp boost, we can hardcore push to 90 using the xp boost through dungeons and quests, I'm willing to provide all the help and experience needed for legion etc, I will also be providing gold for repairs, bags, flask,food or anything needed, the only reason behind all this is that I will be rerolling into a different class and its nor worth paying for the boost.

There is no requirements as long its Horde for faction, we can fix hours according to kazzak server time, I'm really active and I play daily.

More about myself I'm a mythic raider my experience for this expansion is 8/10 mythic Nighthold and currently I'm 5/9 Mythic Tomb of sargaras.
I'm 21 years old I can speak fluent English and I can use discord or TS if needed. I'm also willing to help after reaching 110 if anything is needed or help.

I don't require any experience either but that's the most efficient way to level up and it shouldn't take more than 2 days with total 8-10 hours.

For any more info contact me on
Bnet: Bibo#21665
or here on forum but Bnet is the fastest way.

Feel free to visit my character DH so you can see more about my playstyle and everything.
still looking

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