935 DH Tank looking for Mythic raiding guild

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Demon hunter Tank itlvl 935 looking for a active raiding guild that is progressing through mythic, I am 9/9 HC but my server is dead and I feel its time to move onto another server so I can get what I want out of this game and raid mythic. I managed to get 4/10 Mythic in NH but want to be progressing Mythic while its current. I only managed to get 3/10 Mythic NH while it was currently but my server is horde dominated. Add me marky#2303
Hai there Diomedes!

Am not sure if this is any good to you but Prime is recruiting DPS and preferably a DPS with a strong tank offspec. We have been around for 7-8 years now.
We raid Mon/thurs 20:00-23:00 and are currently 3/9 M

Our guild is much more than a place to raid even though we have 2 successful raid groups. We also have a large social/casual community.

I'll leave my recruitment link below for you to have a read in case you might be interested in honing your DPS skills and joining us :)


Feel free to add me on bnet for a chat if you have any questions or just want to know more about us!
<Persuade> is a semi-hardcore guild on the server Stormscale.

We are currently 5/9M with 20% on Mistress on 1 night on progressing her.
In need of a main tank so our healer that is currently tanking can go back to healing.

We raid Mon/Wed/Thur 20.00-23.00.

We are a bunch of players with really good friendship and we enjoy having fun while still raiding on a semi high level.
We have many people in our guild who have played for a long period of time and have very good knowledge of the game.
We are a team that appreciates seriousness during bossfight and fun during trash.

We are adult players and therefore appreciate being as effective as possible so we do not waste our time.

We are looking for:

Currently in need of 1 MAIN TANK, 1 Healer and 1-2 Ranged DPS for our CORE team.
Also, All exceptional player who are able to bring something valuable for us are more than welcome to apply to our guild.

What can we offer you?
Persuade can offer you a serious PvE guild, as with stable raids, we can focus on mythic, and progress through at a stable pace.

We can also offer you a lot of !@#$s and giggles outside of raids, such as M+, alt runs etc etc.

Persuade consists mainly of adult players who are mature and serious about the game but of course also social and fun when there is time for it outside of raids.

There is no room for "Drama-Queens" here.

What do we expect from you?
* We expect you to be 18 years or older.
* That you can speak and write fluent English as well as understand it.
* That you have a headset with a mic that works.
* That we actively participate in our progress so that we progress as fast as possible.
* Knowing your class and can make its best during raid.
* As well as preparing for raids, including supposed to have flasks, food and pots for every raid and of course, have read the tacts to the evening's progress (And of course, you will meet up on time).
* You must be able to receive constructive criticism as we work on teamwork.

For more questions and info etc, please contact our officers listed below.

Auwi/Creizx Wiklund#2597
Jojkarn Danne#2291
Burkman PewPewVik#2833
Raindrool Jakkeliito#2135

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