Favorite Alt of the Month

If you are like me, you will be playing alot of alts - but also get bored with them as soon as you gear them and move on to another class.

Whats your favorite alt of the month?

Mine is HPriest! Im having tons of fun with this super dooper healing spec. Although i played alot of HPala in Legion, i cant but appreciate the tools the Holy Priest brings, be it Single or AoE healing, plus some decent damage if needs to and disorient (stun if talented).

It can even reduce the mana cost of all party/raid down to 100% for 12'' if you choose the talent!

So what's yours?
Im playing Hpala right now as an alt. Havnt played a healer in years and its VERY refreshing. It can even do WQ as that spec.
All healers now can :) Bless the Changes!
Right now, Spriest.
But last month I was really enjoying my Frost DK.

And although I main DPS, i do enjoy holy priest anbd holy paladin, when wanting shorter queues.

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