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Looking for Players – PvE

I am currently looking for a raiding guild to join, ilvl 933 atm, prefer to stay horde, willing to transfer realms for serious guild. 9/9 HC TOS, want to jump into Mythic raids anytime soon. Able to use any voice comm.


I was hoping to have a look at the character you wish to play on. because the character shown here is a level 61 Warlock wich will not be of much help for me.
Was as Day four are 6/9 Mythic raiding guild. but one of our tanks is leaving the raiding due to feeling burned-out.
Our raiding days are
Monday, Wednesday and Thurseday
Where the Monday and Thurseday are Mythic raid nights from 20:15 till 23:30
and the Wednesday is Heroic Clear and some of the easy killed Myhic bosses after wich also starts at 20:15 but the end-time differs in how well the day goes but will also never be later then 23:30 (unless everyone can stay and we nearly are killing the next boss ofcourse)

Due to not really knowing what sort of level a tank you are i'd thoughed it be a good idea to type this message. hope you are still reading this/looking for a guild because i'd like to see if you would be a decent replacement for our current tank.

if you'd wish to add me on battle.net my B-tag is Stroopwaffle#2607
For people who want to check on my tank, there it is.

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