DH DPS lf raiding guild


A little bit about myself:
- 21 years old, from Poland
- experienced, raiding since late WOTLK
- done 3/10 Mythic NH with my old guild before i needed to quit for a while and missed a lot of progress
- quick learner, looking for fast progress, and dedicated (as long as it's healthy)

More technical stuff:
- prefered raid days: WED, FRI, SAT, SUN - 19.00 - 24.00, 2day would be the best
- ilvl atm - 915, was 850 two days ago when I came back from few months break, gonna be higher soon
- communicative level of spoken english (you will propably understand me :P), and ability to use discord/ts3.

What do I expect of you:
- serious raiding guild, not hardcore but not entirely casual
- being punctual, no slacking
- voice chat

Generally, if you are a guild doing HC clears of TOS and progressing mythic, with plans for Antorus, and you are in need of a DPS - you might be looking for me.

If you are mythic raiding guild, not doing HC TOS anymore, with plans for Antorus and you are in need of DH DPS, I would need some time to catch up with ilvl on my own. Also, in this situation, please make sure that you really have that slot open - not just inviting as an extra supply.

My Btag: Avendorth#2321

You can either write here, or catch me ingame. Cya, hopefully inside a full cleared raid instance soon :)

PS. sorry for all misstakes, it's 3am afterall.
Hey Avendia
Dude where is my mana is looking for some Raiders for our Mythic Raiding Team. We could use a Demon Hunter such as yourself.

For voice comms we use Discord which is always active.

Our Raiding Days are Wednesday, Friday & Sunday from 20 to 23 Realm time.
Our progress is 9/9 HC Working our way up to Mythic Clearing.


Wanna help us find our stolen mana?

If you would like to chat add me on discord: Billy#6728 or Btag Mrhappybunny#2423
Hello Avendia,

<Blood Cult> is the one you might been looking for.

We are a fun and social raiding guild with a 4 day raiding week, outside raiding we spend out time on boosting alts or chill out at M+ dungeons or transmog runs.
Discord is our communication software.
We raid on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday from 20:00 – 23:00 Server time.
We expect as a raider to attend 3/4 raids a week, if main raider doesn’t suit you we can still offer a Casual/Social spot where you are allowed to fall in on progress raids when we are short on signups or join our farm runs.


For more info feel free to add my battletag Niglii#2640 or /w me, Iamfrosty or Samjer ingame

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