Will Classic be subscription based?

I realize its just gonna be a few servers on the side of regular wow, but would it cost money as usual?

I for one wouldnt want to pay money for outdated content that never gets updated.

I pay for this game already, so its not a problem for me, I'm just trying to see it from the angle of someone coming back solely for classic.
They said its a server option so I assume its free for wow owners

How many times does this have to be said. All we know is that a realm called "Classic" is coming sometime, probably.
you asked for authentic experience ,so you should pay for it...
ofc it is...
I hope it's included with the normal monthly wow sub price but who knows. It would make sense for them to not have separate subscription fees because it would lead to the community dividing and no game developer wants to have two almost identical games compete for the spotlight.

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