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Looking for Players – PvE
Hi All,

I've literally just re-subbed and looking for a guild to join or some people to level up with along the way, always a much more enjoyable experience when going on that journey with other people! Plus it would be great to get some direction & advice along the way, show me the ropes so to speak.

I say I'm a new player and yet I have a level 71 Paladin on my account. I did try and get into WoW a long time ago and only played for a very very short time as I was into other MMO's at the time so I just drifted away from this.

I'm on Skullcrusher server if I remember right! I could move server if required and if the server I'm on is not very populated (I did hear cross server for quests is now a thing?).

Hello, Rhyz,

this is what we have to offer.

"The Rising Elites" is a Horde guild on Aszune/Shadowsong servers. We are a community guild with an aim to create a place where everyone could enjoy the game no matter their level, class or experience with the game. Our guild activities include dungeons at all levels, alt levelling or questing together, as well as social events. We also have active Discord channel, both for keeping in touch with guildies while off the game and having a laugh on voice comms.

If interested, you can contact me on BattleTag (Sydona#2150) or Discord (Sydona#9603), if not, good luck finding a new home :).

Thanks for reading and have a nice day :)

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