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24/11/2017 15:32Posted by Döda
23/11/2017 23:08Posted by Sethzer
says "Updated 23/11" but there are alot of guilds missing from posts made before 23/11.

If I've missed someone whom actually posted the right information please let me know, I'm only human. <3

My own post had correct format:

16/11/2017 22:11Posted by Sethzer
way too many. had some reroll moments back then. Let's see after looking through the old screenshots from 2005-06:

DONT CALL ME mate MATE - Ahn'Qiraj - Alliance
Innocence - Ahn'Qiraj - Alliance
Septimus - Ahn'Qiraj - Alliance
Réquiem - Ahn'Qiraj - Alliance
Delusion - Ahn'Qiraj - Alliance

Deviant Evolution - Balnazzar - Alliance
Arthas Tears - Balnazzar - Alliance
Nordlys - Balnazzar - Alliance

Jotun - Haomarush - Horde
Grudge - Haomarush - Horde
Envy - Haomarush - Horde

Pacifism - Vek'nilash - Alliance

Also played some on Burning Blade (Alliance) and Dragonmaw (Horde) in the very beginning, but not at 60. Can't remember name of guilds.

Note for OP: Grammarpolice on Haomarush Horde is spelled GRAMMERPOLICE and it's an Alliance guild.
Shadowblade Rogues - Bloodhoof - Alliance

One of my first leveling guilds and the one I enjoyed the most. Very friendly ppl of all ages. Oldest player back in Vanilla for me was 50 something.

Cause And Effect - Bloodhoof - Alliance

My best raiding memories are with this guild. It wasnt called Cause And Effect in Vanilla but it was a merger if you wish at a later expansion.
It was basically a mix of Exile and Morningstar from same server.
Anathema - Terenas, Alliance

Blood Pressure - Trollbane EU

A Finnish guild that was created in early 2006, existed until the end of MoP and then migrated to Darksorrow to be part of Ninjapartio. Actually, Blood Pressure still exists on a vanilla server and will be moving to Classic once it's out :)
11/11/2017 19:32Posted by Mool

Twilights Hammer
-Alzheimer (Unsure if he meant the disease or if that's the name :^))
-Lamer crew


No, Alzheimer is not the guild, haha. I can give you 2 names of ally guilds from TH, Covenant, a guild of pvp slakers I made and Untamed a guild of pve dudes I was part of. Can t remember the name of the last nice guild I was in, hence the Alzheimer joke.
A Druid I levelled with, my most vivid memories were of us Erping in darnassus and levelling in wetlands <3
11/11/2017 19:32Posted by Mool
Post your Guild Name - Server/Realm - Faction (Alliance/Horde)

Remember the Scrubwell - Outland - Horde

If I did something wrong with the format or am not understanding your instructions help me out with what you're looking for.
Lost In Azeroth-Quel'Thalas-Alliance
Noble Elite Guard-Quel'Thalas-Alliance
Passion - Ahn'Qiraj - Alliance
Renegades - Frostmane - Horde
Execution - Boulderfist (Horde)
Played in Risen throughout Vanilla, and Desire (towards the end of Ahn'Qiraj and Naxxramas) on Laughing Skull (Alliance).

    Risen - Laughing Skull - Alliance
    Desire - Laughing Skull - Alliance
17/11/2017 05:33Posted by Dùff
Great idea! :)

Chaldkydri - Runetotem - Alliance
Chaldkydri - Anachronos - Alliance
Cry More - Laughing Skull - Horde
GoGG - Anachronos - Horde

Nice to see someone from Laughing Skull from back in the day. ;)

Alliance :
The Last Watch (#1 guild on server)
The Phoenix Reborn *
The Core Within *
The Leftover Exiles
Magna Mammae *
Source of Strength
Deadmines Club
Ancient Threat
Dutch Inc

Unnatural Selection
Blood Pact
Nice Guyz

* still active
Seismic - Laughing Skull (Horde)
17/11/2017 12:33Posted by Eltháine
Amicitia - Ragnaros - Alliance

Add me if you got any old secreetshots please :) Jinpachi#2121
know many guys from your guild, I was in godlike if you remember

15/11/2017 13:19Posted by Abnn
MoX - Ragnaros - Horde (Freakazoide / Snigerjens )
Clean - Xavius - Horde ( Abn )
Out of luck - Xavius - Horde (WHO ARE YOU HEALING) only brief there but dam the meme :D
Bloody mess - Xavius - Horde (TBC)

14/11/2017 16:16Posted by Romper
Bloody Mess - Xavius - Horde
Awakening - Lightbringer - Alliance

man Romper you still playing :D gotta tell Roxor

I also remember mox :) had lots of setted up 1v1s with yogg at av
please also add if you have any good old screenshots :)
Nihilum Fanclub - Magtheridon - Horde

Biggest guild ever. Remember that everytime anyone from Nihilum showed up in Orgrimmar, so did we :D
Daggerspine <The Blade Order> (A)
<Darklords> (A) Dutch guild
Durance Of Hate - Ravenholdt - Horde

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